Procrastination is one way we get into alignment

Posted on February 8, 2017

A powerful perspective that I came across in my life is “procrastination is one way we attempt to get into alignment.”

When we procrastinate, we are aware on some level that we’re not saying ‘yes’ to what we’re considering or wanting to do.

Notice there is no judgement in this perspective.

On some level this is very wise – you are aware that if you act while being in a state of separation (pushing yourself while resisting), then you are working against your power rather than with it.

Here is a path to deepen your wisdom and connect with your flow:

When you are aware you’re procrastinating (and you can be aware because it feels like resistance to action or doing) then stop what you are doing, and take note of your thoughts in that very moment.

Observe these thoughts.

Then ask yourself, what am I actually resisting?

Be open to see what you are hiding from. Be open to see the story. In the space of observation without judgement, you may be surprised what thoughts you were carrying.

Then choose an action that feels inspired.

You might say nothing feels inspired, then do nothing.

Yes – do nothing. Yet give yourself FULL permission to do nothing. Relish in your nothingness.

What you are then doing, is you are shifting from resistance into choice.

The current action then is no longer a push and pull.

Once you are finished with your nothing, then you might consider – now that I am in momentum with myself, what is my next choice?

I do not recommend asking what you should do – choose what you DO.

EIther go all in with it, or choose something you can go all in on.

You will find yourself developing a new habit for choosing momentum over self punishment.

Que divertido!

Author: Danielle Lynn

Danielle Lynn teaches soul alchemy and joyful living through transmutational love and centeredness. To learn more or write a message click here

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