spiritual reason why I procrastinate

The spiritual perspective on why you procrastinate

There was a time in my life that I would wake up each day and feel like I was already lagging behind.

The bliss of sleep seemed to fade as I woke up and my mind ‘caught me up’ with everything that ‘needed’ my attention.

I spent a large part of my life living in a future or past moment.

I’d either fret and wonder how I was going to make things work later, or I’d be absorbed in what I had done, what I could have done better, and times that were lost to me.

My life felt like a ship being tossed in the waves of life.

This is the part where so many talk about how they solved it with this or that.

For a while I thought money was the answer – and like many of us, it wasn’t about being ‘filthy rich’ – it was about being able to live with breathing room.  To have the money to create the things I wanted.  

I was frustrated with life often, I felt like a good person – yet from the external view life didn’t seem to reward good behavior – at least not materially based on the wealth I saw mingled with corruption.

It was easy to understand why so many of us assumed it must chalk up to things like karma, or assume martyrdom was a key to sainthood.

Our perspective and our focus are powerful things.  Powerful tools.  I came to see the reason so many teachers, saints, groups, studies, and so forth valued the skill set of meditation and focus.

One key aspect being that in our state of being able to ‘hold focus’ or hold a vibration no matter what is going on outside of you in any given moment, allows a person to tap into their power of conscious and deliberate creation.

I find a common trend as to ‘why people do not get what they think they want’ is they have so many different areas of focus going on, sometimes with opposing belief structures that they are clinging to, often at levels so practiced they are practically unconscious habits.

It creates a seeming paradox experience, we can be such powerful creators yet, with our focus caught in our own web of creation and not able to clearly see the whole picture available to us from our current perspective, it seems to place us out of the driver seat while the car of our life speeds forward ahead at top speed.

It is no wonder so many of us seek the answers.  There is this core knowing that we ARE more powerful than this world sometimes seems to reflect to us, so what gives?

And it is certainly can present a challenge to our human perspective to consciously feel the power we are when we feel at the same moment the contrast of pressures of bills, family, and maintaining our various lives.

So today, we send a message of fresh air into your life.

When we feel conflicted about something, we are attempting to control how things happen through the limited perspective of our mind, while the united heart and soul are calling you to take a leap of inspiration into the unknown.

Simply put – when we are conflicted we are in opposition and self separation.  THere is some part that wants to move forward, there is some part that does not.

We do not recommend moving forward and pushing yourself if you feel out of alignment – and you know you feel out of alignment when it doesn’t feel good and inspired.   

Some people promote action – we promote conscious action.  And whenever you are feeling out of alignment, there is always a conscious action you can take:

You are being very wise when you ‘procrastinate’ on taking physical action when you are out of alignment – this is your way of giving yourself space to be aligned.  The trick is, when notice you are procrastinating, to immediately be aware of it and instead of spurring yourself into physical action, you make it your focus to find your ‘good feeling thoughts, inspirations and flows’ and be willing to make peace with the parts that are pushing you.

The way you might do this is to sit with yourself and give yourself space.  The stories and thoughts that pop up and say “this is stupid’ or “I dont have time for this”  – watch them without judgement.  Those very thoughts are the ones that keep you spinning.  CHOOSE to have time for this.  Sit.  Let yourself feel the feelings without judgement.  Observe.

It is not always seemingly glamorous, and most of the time when we procrastinate – its not really the action we’re trying to avoid – its the feelings we anticipate that we’re trying to avoid.  

This can mean coming face to face with beliefs and stories you have been trying to run and hide from.   You can do this.  It is not about judging or beating yourself up.  It is about lovingly looking at it.  Listening to the inner voice you have been covering your ears to without judgement.

When you shift your perspective in this way on procrastination and action, into focusing on a space of “No matter what, I’m choosing First and always to feel good before I take an action” you start to become aware of how to connect to your inspiration instead of ‘forcing’ your actions, no matter what is happening externally.

Do you see the context?  This is the key to being free – truly free.

In this state of focus, you never rely on external conditions being a certain way.  This makes you a truly powerful creator – able to face with love and excitement all the experiences of creation.  

Remember, that this is not something you have to aspire to one day.  You can live your mastery of it in each and every moment.  Give yourself permission to feel good no matter what is happening.  Be willing to try new things.  Go one step at a time.  Celebrate victories of all sizes – “Horray I have a cup of my favorite tea!  Life is blissful and abundant!”   

Tap into your natural joy – and see where it takes you.   

Remember, you are a visionary soul – there may be some unknowns in your journey – you are the one who is creating this new vision and this new path!   Know that this entire universe has your back as you fly.

Love you – Danielle Lynn

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