Why Comparing Yourself To Others Is The Death of Truth

We’re so quick to compare – this to this, that to that.

Comparison is the death of truth.

When you start to compare you lose sight of what is.

In comparison, you close off, you single out, you focus entirely on a specific set of conditions, circumstances and perspectives to the exclusion of others – under the guise of ‘truth and reality.’

When we compare one thing to another there may be a small aspect that is noticed “This is taller than that. My business had a higher profit margin than their business. I think that person has prettier hair than me” and etc.

We then use that small comparison point to allow a torrent of thoughts and self-created illusions to come rushing in unchecked “They are better than I am, I am better than them, I am stupid, I am the best, I am miserable, I wish I was like them.”

We then buy into these newly created ‘self truths’ and use them as sticks to beat ourselves up or artificially inflate our egos… distorting who we truly are into a caricature of who we have decided we SHOULD be, so we’re finally worthy of receiving love.

It sounds insane because it is insane. It is the experience of ‘being out of one’s mind.’

If you find yourself prone to illusions, if a thought feels bad, less than, diminishing, disempowering… it is a clear indicator that it is not Truth.

This is the first bit of info you can use to reconnect with peace. Being aware of the illusion is often the biggest piece.

You don’t have to compare yourself to others to know who you are. External comparison data presents very little useful information, other than what possibilities are open to you, should they excite you.

I understand that it is very tempting to compare because when we are feeling down, it feels really good to have external validation.

Understand that there is more to you than meets the eye. And that goes for everyone in this life with us.

We are all complex, extraordinary beings on an epic adventure. To compare, to judge, is to dismiss the beautiful fullness of the story you are. Of the story we all are.

Love you! Love your self, you adventure 🙂 There is nothing we can compare you to – and we are fortunate that you are here <3


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Dragons are cool and what you are is cool too

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