LYS – Season 1-Episode 5: Beyond manifestation

Posted on November 6, 2016

Why I stopped talking about manifestation – until now.  Join me for a deep exploration into manifestation with answers to some of the most pressing manifestation questions I have encountered.

I have felt called to talk about the connection between self love, manifestation and answer questions like:

How do I trust myself to manifest what I want when I seem to keep making choices that lead to painful places?

Why can’t I manifest the things I want? Money, relationship, car, job, clients, etc – and how do I shift that?

Can you really do nothing and have everything manifest for you? ANd more.

I’m also going to go into why I stopped talking about manifestation as an entry point for those who work with me, and what you can start doing right now so you can connect to yourself more fully and clearly – and begin deliberately manifesting in a way that is fun and exciting for you.

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Author: Danielle Lynn

Danielle Lynn teaches soul alchemy and joyful living through transmutational love and centeredness. To learn more or write a message click here

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