Breath, Time, and Feeling – Remember to process

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If you are processing a lot lately...   Take time. Time is ultimately infinite and relative. Time may affect certain circumstances and outcomes, but it is a great lie to say to ourselves "I have no time." There is always a new opportunit...

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How to see Time as an Illusion: Part 2

(This is a continuation of How to Break Free from time Part 1 Found here) 3) What about healing the past or predicting the future? Since all time is a concept and a collection of memories and energetic frequencies that you resonate, it is possi...

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How to see Time as an Illusion: Part 1

What is the nature of time? We have been told time is only an illusion, and yet it seems to dominate so much of our day to day lives. Maybe we have even experienced brief glimpses of ‘timelessness’ in our meditations, in times of creative e...

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