Breath, Time, and Feeling – Remember to process

If you are processing a lot lately…
Take time. Time is ultimately infinite and relative. Time may affect certain circumstances and outcomes, but it is a great lie to say to ourselves “I have no time.” There is always a new opportunity. Nothing is irredeemable. If you are willing to trust the rhythms of your life, to not be so attached to things being a certain way, then you have revealed to yourself the truth: you have infinite time – so give it to yourself.
Breathe. Breathe because your breath is one of the most simple and powerful ways of connecting with collective consciousness. Breathe in the shared knowledge of every being and creature that has contributed to the air you’re taking in, Breathe out and add your resonance to the collective, sharing your own experiences so everyone may benefit from them. Remember our shared lineage, through this breath. Breathe deeply, breathe often, breathe consciously, breathe fully. You are always connected.
Feel. Feel heaviness when it comes, then make light of it. Honor the times you want to suffer and feel hurt. Feel it completely, unapologetically, and fully. Then when you’re done and ready, remember to laugh (or cry.) Both transmute 😀 (Although I enjoy laughter myself.)
You got this.🙌
You are this. 👌
We are in this together. 🙏
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