So, you’re awakening

Hello my friend, and welcome to this page.

It’s no coincidence you are here right now. You’ve found yourself here because one thing is clear: you are in an awakening process.

And you have found this page because there is something within these pages that you may find clarifying, and maybe even pretty nifty.

What is an awakening process?

Just like when we ‘wake up from a dream’ after sleeping, the awakening process is a sort of ‘conscious’ awakening in life.

Awakening is a permanent shift in your experience of conscious reality. For some people, awakening can seem to happen ‘all of a sudden.’  You may have heard these stories of wise people who were normal one moment, then ‘enlightened’ the next.

For others, awakening is a more gradual process that fits in seamlessly with life, making slow and steady changes from within piece by piece.

There is no ‘better or worse’ awakening, just different.  From this perspective, it’s not something you ‘force’ – it is something you ‘sync up with.’

Meaning, awakening happens at the moment that it happens.  From a human perspective, it’s ‘automatic.’

If you are wondering if this has happened to you – yes, if you are reading this, you are at some point in your awakening cycle, and find yourself drawn to something in these pages.

Wherever you are in your cycle – welcome!  We all come back to this point at one moment or another, and you are always welcome here whenever you feel called.   It was created just for you, after all.

This guide, while written in a simple and straightforward way, has depth to it.  No matter where you are in your journey, if you have been drawn here, you will find something for you.

In the following pages, you will find a collection of perspectives, perceptions, and explorations to help you as you explore this magnificent inner world of yours, and see how it affects all of your reality. As with all things in life – take what makes sense to you, and leave the rest.  


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