How to get the most out of this guide…

Now, there are a lot of perspectives and concepts for you to explore in this guide.  Please know that your journey is unique.  You cannot ‘awaken wrong.’

You are on an exceptionally unique life experience right now.  You are basically venturing into unknown territory.  Keep this in mind anytime you feel you’re ‘making mistakes’ or you ‘can’t figure it out.’  It’s okay.  This does not need to happen all at once.  Take it moment by moment.  

Be kind to yourself.  Embrace the ups and downs of the journey, realize every experience is exactly what you need in the moment – even the seemingly painful ones.  (Yep, every one of us – even the masters – have painful experiences.  As long as you’re human, you’re always growing. So, you’re in good company!)

The fun part of this is, as you embrace each new moment, your experience does shift.  And what you see, feel and be is something beyond anything anyone can describe.

So consider this guide more of a pointer, rather than the definitive truth.  It’s helping you connect and point yourself to your truth, through perspectives, ideas, feelings, and energetic resonances. Take what is useful and leave the rest.

This guide is about connecting with your true guide – your Self

You probably won’t find many direct answers that just ‘tell you what to do’ or ‘what things are’  – not in this guide anyway.

But this guide isn’t about ‘telling you answers’ – it’s about laying out all the pieces in a way that you can clearly see for yourself what answer fits into the pattern of your life.

It’s not that way because there’s any intention to be super mysterious- quite the opposite.  This guide is created to help you with your clarity.  However, life is an experiential journey, and the only one who truly knows your fullest path is your full self.  So this guide is designed as a bridge to help your mind and you connect consciously so you can experience understanding and knowing.

Why it’s important to bridge the mind.

The mind a tool that allows us to have individual experiences.  Sometimes we mistake ourselves for the mind.  This can get confusing, especially in an awakening process, because the mind has limitations, while our fully awakened selves do not.

If we cling to the mind at this point, we can experience disorientation.  This happens to all of us unless we completely let go of our association with being the mind only, and integrate our mind as one part of our whole being – body, mind, heart, spirit, and beyond.

As we awaken, we start remembering that there is more to this life than the mind can understand alone.

The mind sees things as ‘is or is not’ or ‘right and wrong’.  This is a limited view of the world.  and the layer of understanding you’re awakening to, the one that we’re about to dive in to – goes beyond limitation.   

You are remembering that there is so much more available to you in this reality.

Awakening is a sort of a heart/mind/body/energy bridge – that incorporates ALL your intelligences into one unified being.  Yes, all parts of you have their own ‘intelligence.’ So there may be a little ‘getting used to things’ as we go.  And that’s perfectly normal.   Step by step, just like learning anything.

So we’re resonating with a foundation of understanding that you can stand on, as you go deeper and fuller into your experience of awakening.

You will experience Paradoxes – and they will help you understand yourself at a deeper level

There will be things you read that seem to be in complete contradiction of itself, or earlier statements.

Like how white light appears to have ‘no color’ and yet we can see when white light hits a prism, it spreads into a rainbow, revealing it contains all the colors within.


That is a perfect example of a ‘paradox.’

In this guide, you may find similar paradoxes, where statements seem to contradict each other, overlap each other, or take up the same space. 

These are ‘bridges’ where the mind cannot grasp what it is reading. When you come to these, invite your mind to let go of the driver’s seat, and visualize your conscious energy within the heart.  Imagine there’s another ‘brain’ in your heart.  Then let yourself ‘absorb’ the question, and sit with it.  Don’t try to think of it, just sit with it.

Then, read again, with the ‘heart brain’ leading the way.  This might seem unusual at first.  Just like when you first walk, you stumble a bit.  That’s alright.  You’re getting your ‘legs’ back.

This is the beginning of you learning (and remembering ) how to access your awareness in ways beyond your mind.

As you flex this part of yourself, you may find new awarenesses emerging.  You are remembering.  You are KNOWing.

With that, let’s dig in.

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