You are a deliberate Creator

Sometimes in our lives we want something so much and yet seem unable to have it.

Why is that?   We may look for solutions when this happens, answers to figure out ‘why’ or ‘what we’re doing wrong.’

We may get mixed messages about how life works from so many people and situations.

We are told to go within and see the truth…

And yet when we’re in the middle of an intense experience, it can seem difficult to discern the truth choice from the fear stories.

It can leave us feeling drained, depleted and confused.

If this is how you have felt, or if you’re feeling this way, then this message is intended to be a point of relief and expansion for you.

For you are a powerful being with a birthright to access all the gifts of creation that you choose.

At the same moment, you are also the divine in a human experience.  Your feelings are valid, whether they seem empowered or disempowered.

And it’s okay to feel how you feel.

In each experience, in each moment, there is a gift for us.

It’s not about learning lessons or needing to uncover meaning.

The moment and the experience is the gift.

When we allow ourselves the dignity of validating our feelings and embracing ourselves in the moment, we experience that wholeness now.

Without requiring other conditions to be met, we remember our wholeness.  Our worthiness as we are.

In this state of relief, we begin to feel grattitude, appreciation.

And these are the ultimate building blocks of deliberate creation that you are looking for whenever you want to ‘make something happen’ in your reality.

You are a deliberate creator in the middle of a human experience.

Time is not a factor. Unless you agree they are.

Lessons are not a factor. Unless you agree they are.

Allow yourself the dignity of your experience, the compassion of your heart, the understanding of awareness.

You deserve it all, now and always.

With love and reverence,


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