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Why you never need reality’s permission to live your vision

I think one of the funniest things we do as humans, is we keep asking reality if we can have permission to live our vision, our passion.

“Hey reality, can I do here what I was born to do? Can I live my ultimate vision?”

The mind says “I”m not sure, let me try to figure it out.”

The heart says “I’m already Here! I’m ready Now! Permission granted, lets go!”

So, where is the balancing point? How do we shift from head vision to heart vision?

Or perhaps more accurately, how do we unify heart and mind, so we can live our lives in a grounded way, that merges our ability to create materially while living in a state of true joy and fulfillment.

I think where it gets tricky, is where we try to conceptualize our vision.

So many people I work with tell me they want more freedom, or they want to help others, or live their purpose.

But when we try to ‘figure it out’ in our minds, without giving ourselves permission to move forward in the moment, we experience this sort of inner treadmill.

You have this feeling, this desire for momentum to move forward on what you want, while simultaneously holding yourself in place with the condition that ‘we can’t yet, reality hasn’t given us what we need.’

The thing is, when we think and act this way, we ultimately create the reality that we are ‘stuck’ in place.

Our momentum becomes caught up in the idea that we can’t do it yet because of any number of endless reasons.

We are inner to outer creators.

How we focus, what we focus on, and the momentum we allow ourselves are the building blocks of our creation.

Instead of looking to reality to show us, to prove to us ‘how’ it works, we must stand within ourselves.

We must give our Self permission to own our vision, to choose our life, inside and out.

And your vision begins with the WAY you live your life. How does it look and feel? Are you free? Do you uplift everyone you see? Are you playful and spontaneous? How easy and exciting does your life feel? It is a cozy, close to home life? Is it a wild, going on adventures life?

There are no right or wrong answers for your life, simply YOUR answer. (In this moment!)

And as you get clear on what kind of energy you want to embody right Now, your focus becomes clear. And as your focus becomes clear, the things, the people and experiences you want become more defined – and appear in your life.

So if you’re in a crossroads (and who isn’t now and then!) perhaps ask yourself:

Where am I focused?

What are the nature of my thoughts and feelings today? Right now?

Observe yourself. See where you have been directing your energy. Then, you can begin to get clear on what you want to truly embody now.

Give yourself permission to play in your reality! Have fun with your life. Go all in with whatever is inspiring you.

It might feel scary at times, but what else is there worth doing in life, if not living your dreams.

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