What is passion and how to find it

“How can I find my passion” is a question I come across often.

In all my experience. this seems to be the question that eludes us the most… (right after “whats the point of life?” and “Is there anything that doesn’t taste better with cheese?”)

I feel that it eludes us because it’s not really a question we can fully answer – not in a straight forward way, anyway.

Our passion, is a living, breathing, unique – individual yet universal – experience.

It’s not like a static thing, like a chair – where we can say “Where’s my chair?  OH there’s my chair, awesome!”

It’s an essence, a way of being – something that shifts as we shift.

Our passions grow and bend, change and flow as we do.

Sometimes we feel very passionate about something for a long time, and then – seemingly suddenly – it stops.

If we don’t think we feel passionate, we might ask ourselves “what did we do wrong” or “how did we lose it”…

Yet from this perspective – you did nothing wrong.  From this perspective, everything is working quite wonderfully!

And you certainly haven’t ‘lost’ your passion.

You have only temporarily focused on something other than your passion.

Consider this…

Passion is a byproduct of moving in alignment with yourself moment to moment.

Passion is not something that comes from something else, or something/someone ‘out there.’

It’s not something you have to think about or conceptualize.

It’s not having the most successful business, or the most transformative workshops, or the most well adjusted family, or completing the Olympics.

Passion is you embodying who you truly are, moment to moment – regardless of circumstances or situations.

It is you.  Your inner flow – and your enjoyment of that flow.

Imagine passion like breathing.  Passion is when the breath comes easily and steadily – in and out.

Feeling stuck, would feel like suffocating or having a blocked airway.

It sort of feels that way when we ‘feel stuck’ too.

So what do we do when we feel ‘stuck’ and how do we get in the flow of our Passion?

What makes passion so hard to grasp for some, is it is not only a doing, it is a being.

It’s a receiving and an action.

Inspired feeling, Inspired action.

We sometimes confuse ourselves, when our inner guidance is exciting us about one idea, but we feel so ‘fearful’ or ‘reject’ the idea and choose something instead that we dont fully enjoy.

Or perhaps our world view is such, that it feels that our passions are impossible to achieve.

This is ‘following mind over heart.”

However, as we choose to ‘lead with the heart, and process with the mind’ then we find a union of ‘inspired feeling and understanding’ that flow with life.

When we rely on the mind to tell us who we are, and how to live our lives, we often find ourselves feeling disconnected.

And this is why we seek ‘passion.’  The mind does not fully understand passion, so it cannot give it to us.

The heart can guide us to follow the inspired actions that connect us with passion.

So, I understand that you ask how to find passion, because you want to feel passionate!

And of course you do – you are a beautiful, vivid, inspired creature, fantastical being – and this whole world is open to you.

Be kind to yourself, if you feel painful about your experience, understand that as you love yourself here and NOW, you are guiding yourself home.

All your fears will be washed away in the ocean of living your truth.

And your truth is, no matter what happens, no matter what has happened, you are right where you need to be, and have everything you need available to you Here and Now.

Love you, now and always.

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