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What is Channeling? Is Channeling Safe?

When I first heard about channeling, I pictured whacked-out witch ladies hovering over a crystal ball.

I didn’t investigate it much growing up, as it was presented to me to be a taboo subject.

However, as I explored deeper knowledge, I allowed myself to investigate channeling and what it was about.

In short, it’s a state you enter to be a conduit for knowledge, knowing, or ‘other beings.’

It has its ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ (all depending on what’s important to you)

I don’t personally recommend it. For me, it feels like an extra and unnecessary step to take to access what is already within you, it opens you to potentially connecting with beings who have their own agendas, and it feels like an act of being ‘passive to your power.’

However, everyone has their own paths and sometimes we feel called to channel or explore what channeling is. There is no judgement if you feel called to that.

If you do, I would suggest you start by watching this video I created that talks briefly about what channeling is, and how a person can get started if they choose, as well as some ways to use your discernment to practice channeling consciously and wisely.

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