What is awakening

What is Awakening? Some perspectives.

Recently someone asked me about my ‘awakening experience.’  Was it triggered by something or someone?

Below, I’ve shared some frank perspectives on the idea of awakening and some concepts you can play with in your own journey.

Time is more quantum than linear – but I get the sense you’ve already got some perspective on this, and have experienced moments of this yourself.

Everything in our experience(s) are happening right now.  As humans, we’re experiencing them linearly.

My own perspective on awakening is that it’s a moment to moment choice, rather than some sort of singular event.  Awakening is a frequency, a state that we can all operate within. We can also choose to focus in places of more density (that would appear sleepier)

It changes the nature of the experience we have.

That being said, we can have pretty drastic shifts in perception and frequency that seem to happen all at once, through trauma or a random event – in my case, it was a series of events that started in 2012.

I’m certain that my more expanded self decided it would be appropriate for me to access this awareness (and it seems to be something I had chosen before taking on this life, as most of us do) – so we created ‘reasons/events’ that helped trigger it along the way.

I had some traumatic events in my early 20’s, followed by a series of lucid and unusual ‘dream phenomenon’ that led me to have a very ‘heart open’ experience from about 2014 onwards.

At the moment, my path is compassion, and lovingly calling myself on my own bullshit, wherever it may appear.

I’ve had a tendency to want to bury my head in the sand through my life – escapism in endless worlds inner worlds, video games, marketing, then even spirituality itself.

Well I got spirituality, and instead of being the panacea to pain, it brings you straight into it, to be embraced.

You learn being in a state of awakening doesn’t absolve you of flaws, it highlights the totality of you, and if nothing else – it reflects to you your absolute responsibility for your choices, your focus, and your role in your life.

You’re no longer able to ‘honestly’ blame others for your own experience.

Every moment you come back to yourself and your choices.  I’ve had my fun times with this and my challenging times.

I perceive it gets more and more fun.You probably know we’re in the middle of a change right now in frequency.  We will look very different in the next 200 years. Even 50 years will be a big change.

What we experience will be up to each of us, individually and collectively.

From this perspective, it will be an adventure we’ll enjoy.

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