What does it mean to hold space or create space

What does it mean to hold space or create space

Ever hear people talk about ‘making space’ or ‘holding space’? Have you ever wondered what that means? Did you just phase out the moment someone mentioned ‘space’ and write it off as a coined mysticism?

There’s no criticism in that question. I think it’s easy for us to mentally glide over phrases like that because of the vagueness associated with esoteric exploration.

That phrase was pretty vague in my own mind until someone in a group I’m in asked “What does it even mean to ‘make space” for ourselves?
I thought it was an excellent question, and took a moment to contemplate and share this perspective: Anything we focus on ‘occupies energy’ in our lives. Sometimes, we have beliefs or ideas that make it challenging for us to experience our dreams. One could be “I don’t have enough time.”

Sometimes it’s less of a direct thought, and about the subconscious way that your energy goes out into the world and how you receive new energy, day to day. For me, what this question means is, am I cultivating my inner state in order to experience what I am ‘asking for’?

Our inner state is the most powerful ground and direct place to start for setting the state to experience what we want most in life. That might mean setting up loving boundaries for myself, that might mean choosing to have silent time to meditate or contemplate, that could mean reflecting on outdated desires and taking the steps to move on from them.

Make a choice and experience it for a week to see for yourself – commit to a very small shift, maybe even 5 minutes per day. But to really get those benefits, you must choose to go all in with those five minutes (or whatever you choose.)

You may be surprised at what comes next.

And if this sounds challenging, please consider: The hardest part about changing is the first step. The second hardest is every step after.
It does get easier 🙂 – momentum is a wonderful thing.
I hope this helps you in some way today. 🐛🐉

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