What do repeating numbers mean? Sacred numbers, angel numbers, sacred geometry and more

An Introduction to Number Sightings

For a good long while I would see numbers pop up in my space.  You know the common ones.  Some include 1111  or 333  or interesting combinations of 4477  2268  420  314 or say 1234!

If you’re on this page, you’ve started to notice these signs for yourself as well.

So what do these numbers MEAN?   Why are you seeing repeating numbers?  What are some of the ways you can investigate them and play with them in your life? In this post, we’re going to explore that together.

Reality reminder

Before we start, it’s important to remember, we have several collective consciousness realities, which means realities that a group of us are connected to.  In your human experience, you’ll likely experience some unique things that are key for just you.  In writing this article, I am using conscious focus to create an open source for you to tap into, for fun only, then take it where you want to go to be joyful for you and everyone 🙂

Fractal reality place markers – Telling yourself ‘where you’re at’ in a multidimensional reality

One thing I’ve noticed in my own life is that sometimes time acts a little wonky.  Because we are ‘multi dimensional’ beings, or someone who is more than a physical human body, this means we have other things going on!  Sometimes the numbers help give a signal at a higher consciousness level of the vibrations we’re tuning in to.

Another way to put this is, we’re creating on many levels.  Our human thoughts and feelings can impact this.  These numbers can sometimes act as reminders or almost ‘train stops’ if you will, that let us know which stop we’ve disembarked on – so we can either keep going or make new choices.

Secret notes to yourself

For a while, a number I’d see that meant ‘all is well’ for me was 420.  Whenever I saw that number, it was a reminder that everything was working out for me.  I’d see it on phones, on stickers, on signs.

When I started to see it my first thought was ‘cool’ and my second thought was am I seeing those syncronious numbers people talk about?, and lastly I was like Oh jeez it’s 420, I’m going to be telling this story some day.

I laughed a bit over it, because having this story and 420 as my first remembered number  is yet another way I tease myself to let go of the judgement of others, and myself.

For me, 420 holds a personal significance about self love, transcending judgement, and promise of all is well.

Each number may hold a unique significance to you as well.

Beginning the process of deciphering numbers and their unique meaning to you

I would suggest keeping track of what you are thinking and feeling when you see certain numbers or certain number combinations.  Recently I’ve taken my own advice and have started journaling what I’m thinking and feeling when I see certain numbers.

For example, as I’m writing this I see the number 1226, so I write that this is a mention of me taking my own advice and doing as I say.

As you compile what you are thinking and feeling with numbers, you may notice certain commonalities or similarities with certain numbers and number combinations.

In the next post on this topic, I’ll discuss some general meanings and number codes for certain numbers.

Remember, life is an adventure that we are making up as we go!  Play with whatever inspires you, uplifts you, and is fun on every level.

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