If there was one thing I’d say was key to creating, it’s keeping your word.
More and more, I’m aware of the times I have personally acted within integrity and outside of integrity within my life.
It’s not a punishment or judgement, nor is it about keeping to a ‘moral code’…
Integrity is about wholeness. Completeness. The word itself derives from ‘integer’ which in mathematics is a whole number (meaning not a decimal or fraction.)
In the same way, when we are in integrity, we are whole. We act, create, and connect in wholeness.
Integrity is ultimately being in alignment with all of yourself – in thought, in energy, in action, and in deed.
What container that integrity shapes is ultimately up to you.
For much of my life, I personally have experienced indecisiveness. Sometimes that comes from seeing the multidimensional options open to me… I want to try a bit of everything 🙂 Sometimes that comes from not empowering myself to sit in my own driver’s seat.
I have found, the more I say a complete “yes” or “no” to things, and meant it, and followed through with it, the more my own life has flowed into place.
It becomes more simple – and even fun – to be a conscious and deliberate creator from this perspective.
Granted, we are focused within human experiences, so this isn’t about perfection – this isn’t a set up for you to fret about flaking off that meeting you said you were going to have! 🙂
Consider it more of a conscious meditation to explore what may be possible if we all pivot into focusing on our integrity, keeping to our word, saying no to experiences that don’t excite us, being okay with walking away from situations that have run their course, saying YES and acting on experiences that do excite us, and opening ourselves up to cool new possibilities.
More and more, I see the tiny pivots we all make individually, add up to our collective experience of wholeness and unity that we are all waking up to.
This has personally helped me, and I hope today it has helped you in some way as well.
Love you <3
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