The Magician’s Tool Belt

When we think of magic, we think of someone who can make fantastical things happen, and seem to bend reality to their will.

In my perception, we’re drawn to this archetype because it calls to something deep within us:  an understanding that at some level we are ‘magicians.’

To me, magic is what we call experiences that we can’t quite explain using what we currently know.

However, I’ve been quite fascinated with ‘reality bending.’ 

I think it was borne from a place of curiosity.  Over time, I used it to feel worthwhile or special. I questioned that a bit and let myself sit on it a while.  I found myself coming back to it, even when I didn’t need it to make me feel special.

So now I’m sharing what I’ve discovered.

Magic is far more practical than we might realize.

The most magical things in my life have been rooted in one or more of the following: integrity, self responsibility and discernment.

Integrity is wholeness of word and being.   What you say matters, and the resonance of your conviction behind what you say drives the power of it.

This means that I speak (and act, and behave) with intention of following through on what I say I will do and who I say I am.

Self responsibility is taking ownership of all you are, body, mind, emotion, spirit, etc.

It’s not a victim state.  It’s a state of ownership from a place of empowerment. 

I ultimately understand that no matter what happens in my life, everything I experience has roots within me, inside to out.   Even things that appear to be out of my control, are still mine to observe and choose how I respond to.  

And to help with both – discernment.  Discernment means that you can pick out whether something or someone is in integrity or not.  (You already do this at some level – like when you have a ‘gut’ feeling.) Discernment is also helpful in self responsibility: you can pick out what is truly yours to own, and what you might be ‘taking on’ from others.

When I’m discerning something, I’m letting myself see it for what it really is, without judgments.  This can be challenging for us as humans, as we have such tight belief systems. However, your ability to look at something without filters allows you to have true sight on what is beneficial to you and your world, and what isn’t.

These three tools are the portals to the most potent magic I have ever experienced in my reality.

May you use them, and they serve you well.

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