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Symptoms of Awakening 2016

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Please note that this is not to take the place of medical advice or personal advice.  This is a guidance post to begin to expand on your own inner awareness.  If you would like specific guidance, you are welcome to search within or schedule a session. 

With the shift from our old “Ego/Doing” way of life into the “Heart-Connected/Being” way of life, we’re finding many changes in our experience.

First and foremost, check with your Self first and last.  This is your journey, and only you can connect you with your full truth.

Today, I have been drawn to create this post that goes into the symptoms and perspectives of ‘awakening’ to give you a foundation that you can create from for yourself.


So what is Ascension or Awakening?

In my experience, it has been ‘being aware of you as the universal source consciousness.’   It is the awareness of the ‘you beyond the stories.’

When you only identify as the ‘mind, the ego, the 3d consciousness’ you have a small, limited scope of ‘all you are.’

In awareness, you have an experience of being ‘oneness and connected to everything.’

You are very aware of the present moment.  You live in unity of your self.

When you are in this state, you feel very connected to you on all levels, this self, the world, all the people beings and planets, the astral, all layers of consciousness, source: everything.

Isn’t it true that once you awaken you are changed forever?

I would say it’s true that in each moment we are changed forever, for we’re never the same person we were in any given second.
When you experience a more sudden ‘awakening’ you do have a more dramatic shift in your perceptions and perspectives.  Sometimes it can feel like the entire world has shifted.

Everything ‘looks the same’ but it also almost feels like it’s been replaced by an exact replica of itself.  Different completely, and yet not different at all.
This is because it is not the ‘outer’ that has changed, but your ‘inner awareness’ that has emerged.  When you are being your ‘awareness’ it is like you are looking at life for the first time.

Does awakening have to look drastic?

Sometimes awakening feels almost exactly the same.  However a subtle shift has occurred.  You can FEEL it.

Each person’s awakening experience(s) are very personal.  No two are the same.  Some may be dramatic, some may be graceful.  Some happen seemingly ‘all at once.’
Some fade in and fade out over periods of time.

“Sometimes I feel Crazy…like I’m pushing against something”

It is natural and normal to feel completely ‘shifted’.  It is normal to ‘feel the same.’

It is wonderful to feel how ever you feel.

This is a place of personal experience, contrast and change!

But what if you feel like you’re resisting how you feel?  What then?

The most ‘true’ advice I can share from this perspective is one of ‘when you do not judge how you feel in the moment, when you allow it to be, you can see it as the NOW gift it is.”

You will not find ‘salvation’ in resisting how you feel.  There is a fun treasure hidden in each moment of your experience!

By actually allowing yourself to feel, by allowing yourself to be ‘perfectly imperfect’ you fully embrace your now moment.

Awakening is a concept the ego likes to hold onto and make it ‘a thing it adorns itself with.’

Your awakening process may be full of contrast, it may not.  But it is not your ‘awakening’ that makes you the special divine being you are.

You are already that being NOW.  The experience of awakening is not ‘you being whole.’  It is simply a modulation in ‘how much of the story you want to live, and how much you want to be aware of.’

When you understand this, you can see we are all true equals, simply playing different roles as we please in this play of reality.

Awakened or ‘in the experience’ – you are whole.

If you feel less than whole, then all that is indicating to you is it is time to release a story.  Release judgement.  it no longer serves you.

Step forward into your knowing.  Empty your hands so you can receive.

Realize that all pain, all fear, is only a gentle indicator that you are holding on to something that is not true to you.  Be kind to yourself and let go of judgement so you can get clarity on who you truly are and what you truly want, beyond stories.

You create your own reality.  Everything is exactly as true as you know it to be.

I remind you of this, because you ARE the one creating your reality.  So even the creation of you coming across this post here is yours to do with as feels true to you.

Everything here is a perspective for you to try on.  Keep the ones that are resonant, discard the rest.

With that being shared, here are several perspectives on ‘Symptoms of Awakening, Symptoms of Ascension.’

Awakening and Ascension Symptoms 
(The following are a list of potential experiences you may have, and some insights on them.  This list serves as a foundation, and what you experience may vary.)

A sense of feeling ‘disconnected from reality

Being in a haze-like daydream

Having experiences of extreme clarity

Feeling almost ‘high’ – people ask you if you are ‘on something,’

Feeling connected and calm.

Experiences of swinging emotions.

Feeling like ‘all the switches have been swaped and everything is working differently’

Tingling in your head and along your spine

A feeling around your shoulder blades as though ‘wings’ are emerging

Deeper dreams, more dreams, or suddenly no dreams (A change in your dreaming/sleeping patterns)

Noticing recurring number combinations (1111, 444, 222, 333, variations of these, as well as your own ‘unique’ codes that pop up regularly)

Animals and babies seem more interested in you

Dramatic life shifts (suddenly starting new relationships, ending years long friendships/relationships, sudden urges to move, sudden feelings to change jobs) – This is you calibrating with your true desires, which are placing you in a space to connect with all you are wanting.


I will continue to add to this list as feels resonant.

Have you been experiencing shifts?  If you feel a draw for support and guidance, you are welcome to sign up for a facilitation here

Or feel invited to post a comment below.  Love you

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