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Spiritual view on politics: Democrat or Republican? A revelation that brought me beyond politics

We are a unity. It is only our perception of separation that keeps us apart.

I had a bit of a revelation a few days ago, and I felt drawn to share it here.

If you’re currently in the US, then you’re likely familiar with the Democrat, Republican, or ‘other’ choice we have going on here.

As humans, we often identify with a position. There’s us – and there’s them.

We often associate ourselves with a group or groups that seem to reflect our internal personal values.

We don’t just choose a side – we MAKE it part of our identity. We then begin to embody this ‘larger idea’ and start to take things personally – in other words, our Ego moves beyond our body and takes root in causes, groups and organizations. It creates an identity for itself.

You then discover, when people do this, they become reactive. They take things personally when it comes to the group, because for them it IS personal. It is reflective of their self, in their perception. So you start to discover the pain of the ego is now being played out in larger fields, by proxy of identifying with a certain group or position.

We see this happen as well in religions, sports teams, even certain spiritual groups, with race – and so forth.

Yet when we participate in this large scale ego embodiment, we begin to disassociate with who we truly are. We reduce those around us from the complex, unique, multi-layered beautiful beings they are to ‘Us or them”

For example, I did this as well – I was raised (somewhat) democrat.

Now, I haven’t cared about politics most of my life. Other than voting, I didn’t see any reason to get caught in the drama.

However, the other day I found myself reading an article that was mentioning Democrats and Republicans and as I read I noticed I started to subtly read it from the perspective of being the Democrat, with the ‘other’ over there.

There wasn’t any intense emotion. IT was enough to notice that I had unconsciously begun reading the article while ‘seeing myself as one and not the other”

It surprised me, because without having skin in this game, I was still easily able to slip into experiencing an illusion of perceived ‘separateness’ or ‘otherness’

It was an automatic perception, and a very subtle one. I was thrilled to identify it!

I then wondered, if it was easy for me to experience this, how many of us are also doing this unconsciously at other levels, with politics and with other things?

We are internal creators – all of our creations start within, with our perceptions and vibration.

If we want to be truly conscious in our lives, if we want to live as we say, it begins with choice.

So I chose unity. In that moment I chose to consciously initiate myself in the ‘other’ group. I became a republican. And I stayed a democrat. Then I entered all the other political groups. I am now a member of all the political groups – and also none of them.

Now, I feel at an even fuller level, that all people are my people. And rather than taking a side on this like politics – I find myself interested in creating bridges that bring us all together. I am interested in being open to everyone’s viewpoint.

Remember, when we get mad at the other, it’s because we believe on some level ‘they’ have power over us. And as long as we believe that, we begin to fight externally instead of standing solidly within our own inner power and creating from there.

I am happy to stand firm in my truth that we are united. As I stand here and be this, I resonate with this vibration -and I create it as my reality.

And I invite us all to express our unique form of truth and power – as true power is an inner expression that becomes reflected externally.

True power is you standing in your truth – without requiring any ‘other’ to be right or wrong.

You do not need to argue your point. LIVE it with love, empathy, and compassion for all.

We are multidimensional beings – meaning there are many sides to us. You’re more than just say, someone who is in a political party. You’re someone who loves, plays, you’re a body, you’re mind-stuff, you’re energy, you’re feelings – and much, much more – way beyond human perception.

Embody all of you, my friend.

And if you have a similar experience or story, please feel invited to share <3 Love you

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