SoulScaping Workshop: November 12, 2016

Uncover A Painting Of Your Soul That Helps You Awaken Your Inner Gifts…

Come find your inner self

SoulScaping Workshop November 12, 2016:  Where painting and meditation meet to heal, transform, and awaken our inner gifts.

Class Price:  $125 pre order,  $150 at door
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What is a SoulScaping Workshop?

An experience where you uncover the snapshot of your soul through a unique experience that combines painting, music, and laughter.   With this painting, you can heal, integrate, and discover the incredible power you are right now.

Join intuitive teacher and inner artist Danielle Lynn for a workshop experience that feels like you’ve unlocked the portal to your soul… and you’ve finally come home. 

In this 2+ hour experience, you experience a space that integrates and brings out the best of you, through a combination of painting, guided meditation, music, laughter, and movement that connects you with your true inner power.  

During this experience you will also be shown how to create your own Soul Map, as well as learn how to interpret it for yourself.

What is a soul map?  It’s a visual expression of our thoughts, feelings and vibrations experienced by painting in a conscious meditative state.

WHat do I do with it?  Some people use soulmaps to get an accurate picture of what’s going on in your life, where you are thriving, where you might be holding back.  All soulmaps contain deep wisdom for the artist that created them… and people find the experience to be uniquely transforming and healing.

SoulScaping Experiences of all kind have been practiced by Danielle’s clients!

  • Transcend perceived blockages in your body, mind and soul.
  • Experience lasting self healing on multiple levels
  • Remember your ancient gifts and talents – even ones you didn’t know you had!
  • Connect to a sense of inspiration and wonder for the world around you.
  • Experience a surge of abundance in your daily life, as situations and circumstances line up with you and everything seems to happen for you like magic.
  • Get excited about creating and living life with your inner power
  • Discover secrets about your inner self  
  • Have fun with like-minded people  *Experience a playdate with yourself
  • Fuel your inner creativity and inspiration and have FUN!
  • All supplies are provided, just register and come on in!

Discover the unique picture of your soul that only YOU can uncover – Paint a story of your soul through a guided meditation, where you paint, relax, and move your brush to an inner melody that only you can uncover!

Experience a personalized soulscape interpretation  – After you paint, Danielle will sit with you privately for several minutes to show you some key magic and points that reveal mysteries, hidden messages to yourself, and other deep interpretations.

No Art Experience, No Problem! – No art experience required.  In fact, I have found the less art experience you have, the more you open up to dropping all rules and  ‘going with the flow’ that creates the most exciting soulscaping maps!

Meditation beginners welcome – This is a personalized expression between you and yourself.  Meaning there is no wrong way to experience this class.

All supplies and food are provided! – There is parking in back, a restroom, food and drink, and all art materials are provided!  You only need bring yourself <3

Adult Class – We love children!  And we will have a children’s class soon – for now so that each person can tune in to themselves, we lovingly ask that kids remain at home so you can have the space to tune into yourself, as this is a deep inner journey.

Who is leading the session?  Danielle Lynn is!

Danielle Lynn intuitive art guide
Danielle is an intuitive guide and author who has helped hundreds of people around the world remember the love and power they are through meditation, transcendence and laughter.   She has been described as  ‘a power that must be experienced to be believed’.

Using a combination of ancient knowledge and modern understandings, she creates a unique space where people can connect deeply with themselves in a way that is meaningful to their day to day lives.

She is joyful for the opportunity to work with you as you remember yourself.

Praise for working with Danielle:

After connecting with Danielle I connected with an ancient language I didn’t even know I had forgotten!  -EL

Danielle truly loves you.  I have never met someone who loved so much and so fully.  Her power of perception changed my life.  -DS

This experience is like nothing else out there today.  You will be transformed.

Right now, You can purchase your ticket and register by clicking HERE

When:  Saturday, November 11  1PM-3:30PM *
Come on in at 12:30 for early chatting and snacks!
Stay until 4pm to ask questions

Where:  Eye Heart Art  (Free parking in back)  (In Pasadena, address provided upon purchase)

Class Price:  $125 pre order,  $150 at door
To sign up, you can order with check/cash/paypal/creditcard at:
818-220-4374   or click here

Free Parking, Food and Drinks, and a few other little surprises included.  You will be able to take your painting home with you as well. 

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