All beings who have the soul call and truly mean it have a way.

This is my promise to you.

What’s up with spiritual people and money?

It’s no secret that many spiritually-minded people seem to have this sticking point with money.  Whatever the story is, I get it.  Sometimes we have just about all the pieces there, but for whatever reason, you haven’t figured out money just yet.

The offering of my time, this space, and these teachings are sacred.  They are a cumulation of lifetimes of experience, knowing, and growth.   I value all we are.   I value the exchange of money between me and those who work with me.

If however money is a sticking point with you, I remember a time when trade, barter, and exchange between student and teacher was a thing.

If you choose this path, know that it is not as simple as the money exchange.  It comes at a premium, and the space is limited.

However, if you have a true fire in your heart and soul, and an empty pocket in the material sense, then this path is for you.

Before you apply to work with me through the scholarship, and before you can be considered, there are several steps you must take.

1) You must be sincere that you do not have the funds to do this.   If you are doing this to save money, look elsewhere.  This program is limited and for those who truly do not have the funds.  IF you do, please refrain from using a space that another could take.

2) You are truly willing to learn, to change, to grow.  Ask yourself this, and do not proceed unless the answer is a ROARING YES.

3) You are CHOOSING to put in conscious energy and effort into our connection.  Because I have opened this space, even though there is no money exchanged at first, there will trial by (soul) fire.

4)  You must be willing to pay it forward.  Part of your experience will include an agreement that you pay it forward yourself.

5) If you do not adhere to these rules, the lessons will crumble.  There is a sacred art to the work I do.  When the agreements are not honored, they fall apart.  This is not a punishment.  It is how it is.

If you have read this and still wish to proceed, then start with this step:

Send an email to – title the email “Scholarship request”

Tell me:  Your name, your age, what drew you to me and the work, where you are at currently, and what you hope to gain from the scholarship.

Love you and looking forward to our creation.

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