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If you feel called to work with me or have a private session together, please schedule a call.  Tell me a bit about your journey here and now, and we will go from there.

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Eclipse Of Consciousness:

A Book about Remembering Your Self


This inspired book was written to help you remember the true nature of reality. It is a guidepost and contains activations and downloads. If you are drawn to read this, there is something in this book for you.

27 Soul Perspectives:
Alchemy Tool Book and Guide


A 40 page guidebook and alchemy tool that allows you to uplift your life no matter what you feel in any given moment by tuning you in to your inner voice. Order the ebook here on Amazon for kindle or send me a message for a Free PDF Copy.

Join the “NorthStar” Flow Based Workshop

Your 5 Week accelerator of magic and synchronicity in your business and life, through a mix of practical strategies, inner navigation, and authentic connection and collaboration.

Learn more about this worshop below

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