Private Sessions and 1-on-1 Counseling


It is my unique soul call to assist awakening alchemists (such as yourself) connect consciously to their fullest awareness.   People who work with me are often people who are in the middle of spiritual transformation.  You may have already followed spiritual practices, you may be in a dark night of the soul, or you may be feeling highly expansive – yet finding yourself open to the next step in your journey.

If you feel called to work with me to explore your inner landscape and connect with clarity and expansion,  I offer personal counseling and inner journey sessions – please send me a message here on my contact page.

These sessions may help you with your practical aspects of life, exploring relationships, physical experiences, or they may explore more esoteric topics including spiritual wholeness, connecting to higher states of consciousness, and emotional healing.  All sessions are tailored to your unique life pattern, and are fully confidential.


Other ways to work and play with me


I also do take on long term students time to time (if you feel drawn to apply, you may contact me), I have a course on unconditional self love that you can experience here, and I release weekly videos on Soul Alchemy with Danielle Lynn.

I also have two books out.  One is called 27 Soul Perspectives, you can find out more and get a copy for yourself here.  The other is Eclipse of Consciousness – a book about the true nature of our reality embedded with frequencies to help you connect to your mind body heart here and Now.

I am honored to help you in all the ways that would support you or uplift you most right now.

*If you would like to request Danielle as a speaker for an event, podcast, or other media experience, please fill out the form on the contact page and let us know your request!

“When I talked with Danielle the first time, I experienced a download of an ancient language, a home language I didn’t even know I had forgotten.”  – E.L.

“Danielle, you are the one person I found out of all the teachers I know who doesn’t hold back information.  I feel like you actually want me to get it on my own.  With you, I feel like an equal.”  – C.D.

“I feel like I’m on another level of consciousness – and I’m not even tripping!”  -L.P.

“Danielle is a power and a love that must be experienced first hand to understand.” -J.D

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