Riding the Funky Waves of Life 12-12

If life in general has been feeling more funky than usual lately, you’re not alone.
These are interesting times, and we’re in the middle of quite a ride.
There’s a pretty cool paradox we’re living, between being the powerful creator of your life, and riding the ocean of a shared experience that can feel outside of your influence at times.
I find that trying to control things makes it more intense.
So rather than the word control, let’s try ‘synergy.’
Straddling the wild and smooth ride that is creation.
Being in Sync. With ourselves, with the entire fabric, pattern, nature of our life.
Being willing to be ‘out of sync’. Embracing the bumps as they come, they’re part of the whole.
Embracing yourself as you are, and in turn, through your self acceptance, you send out ripples of universal acceptance that change the very nature of reality.
I’m not just blowing smoke when I say your inner work has a profound effect on the whole. 🙂
We’re finding ourselves more and more invited to participate in a synergy with life. With ourselves, with everything and everyone involved.
We’re both solo creators and united creators.
We’re creating our own life experiences moment to moment, from the inside out. We are experiencing the reflection of that co-creation globally, and universally.
If you’re having a rough time, then you are being invited by life to embody the master you are. This is not a punishment.
This is your chance to be creative. You are not a slave.
Ignore the noise. Noise is anything that doesn’t inspire you. If this doesn’t inspire you, leave it. Open yourself to what does inspire you. You don’t have to stick to any one teaching, person, book, etc. Sync with the beat your awakened mind-heart is vibrating at. If you aren’t sure how to feel it, that’s fine. Connect with the moment. Talk to your body. Ask it to guide you.
Remember that we’re not at war with life, we are life.
Love you
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