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The show about freedom through radical, unconditional self love.  (And you deserve ALL the love there is)

In life, we often go about all these ways to 'create love' for ourselves...

For example, by trying to accumulate money, relationships, cars, respect, prestige, legacy, chocolate (I get it!)...

Yet ultimate we're searching for a completion that seems always out of reach.  That ultimate acceptance.  The true freedom.  Love

In this show, we explore the topic of love in all forms...Especially what happens when you unconditionally love you NOW.

For when we love ourselves, we stop giving our power away, and live as the powerful creators we are!

the-presentWhen you love yourself, fully and completely, you no longer compromise your values, your dreams, your ambitions, your visions.  You're able to live as the full expression of whoever you are NOW.

And in this way, by stepping into radical self love, we transform  our lives and send ripples through the very fabric of creation.

Super cool.

Who's the host?

Join host Danielle Lynn (me!), along with a wild pack of guests who are living from the heart, chances to call in live for yourself, and a space of laughter and exploration where we remember (just as in life...) anything can happen!

Free of spiritual constipation

This show is uncensored, unbarred, open to the universe, open to possibilities. We might swear! We might not!  Everyone who comes on is invited to be true to themselves.

My Focus: Making each show the very BEST (and outdoing it each time!) 

When I once watched a band live, the lead singer told the audience "I Have done 130 shows, and tonight, I'm making this the best show yet"

In that same spirit, I am making this the best show yet. 😉  Come join me (and you!) for the most fun and uplifted way you've ever hung out for an hour on a Tuesday morning on Radio.

The first show on October 4 at 9am PST (Then every tuesday after that) and see if it's right for you. 🙂

To get updates on the show, subscribe in the grey box above- looking forward to seeing you there.

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