Principle 1: Nothing in life is worth losing your peace over

Writing about connecting to principles and sharing these principles has put a momentum in my life that feels invigorating.

So for as long as it continues to feel so, I will continue to share further perspectives, principle by principle.

As mentioned earlier, the principles here are less about a moralistic set of values from the mind, and are more a resonance based in wholeness and harmony originating from heart-connected wisdom space.

The word that follow give it a structure, but I invite you to sense the meaning behind the words, over the words themselves.

Let’s dive in.

Nothing in this world is worth losing your peace over.

I first heard this quote reading the Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle.

Many other teachers have shared similar sentiments over the years.

But I appreciate the simplicity present here.

There are many opportunities we have moment to moment, day to day, on how we choose to respond to life.

Life will be full of change, and variables. There will be times we’re happy, times we’re sad. Furious, calm, up, down.

However, no matter how intense any external situation seems, no matter how powerful any feeling is, we still have an opportunity each moment to choose what we focus on – what we value over all else.

Sometimes we say we want something – like peace. But in the heat of it, we might discover that our desire for peace isn’t deeply rooted.

We might react, tear down, fight. (I know, I speak from experience.)

Afterwards, we might berate ourselves, feel bad – shame. (This too, experience.)

There are a lot of complex ways we behave to compensate for not knowing how to exist at peace with ourselves.

For this specific perspective, I’ll share the idea of peace as an inner equilibrium inside of yourself.

It’s what you ground to and root to, no matter what chaos may appear in your life – inside or out.

It doesn’t mean you act stoically, ignore feelings, or pretend nothing is happening when you feel shaken.

But it is a reminder that even in the middle of everything crashing down, we have a choice to what we root to – and an opportunity moment to moment to take grounding in our unshakable core.

The reminder that nothing is worth losing your peace over is a reminder ultimately of choosing to be grounded to the space within you that is the constant within this ever-changing, ever-shifting experience – your core essence.

If the idea of your core essence sounds unfamiliar with to you, there are a few ways you can explore this area.

Some have described the physical area as sitting within your stomach area, as if behind your belly button. If you’d like to connect with your energy here, one great path is breathing consciously, and fully, feeling the breath circulate within your stomach area (sitting and observing your breath, without agenda or trying to ‘do’ anything.)

There are other ways as well – if one way doesn’t work, experimenting with yourself is a wonderful first step. Talk to you, then listen. Inspiration will filter through this way.

Some questions to ponder:

What does peace mean to me?
Do I truly want peace? Or do I want what I think peace will give me?
What do I care about more than ____ ? (This could be peace, or anything else you prioritize in your life, but seems to elude you. The answer to this shows up in what happens when you attempt to embrace the thing you think you want.)

Happy explorations

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