perspectives on the laws of nature

Perspectives on the laws of nature

Today I was reading a blog post written by someone talking about a perspective on ethics and laws of nature.

Whenever I read any perspectives that talk on laws and rules, I remember that even those perspectives are based in positionality.   I felt invited to read the article, so I did.

As the article itself suggests, anytime you are receiving external ideas, use the parts that align with you, leave the rest.

In my exploration, here are some perspectives I felt drawn to share:

 “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”

(GSF) Empathy and Compassion: We feel connection to life and have compassion and kindness for others that feel pain because we can empathize and relate to sensory feelings and emotions. We care about what happens to Life, whether its earth, human beings, animals, nature, plants or trees. …

(GSF) Mental Openness: We are able to consider and be open to many different ways of being, thinking or life philosophy without feeling threatened, defensive or sarcastic. This is a state of non-judgment. Discoveries and new learning opportunities are valued as desirable and supported in others. Mental flexibility for greater intelligence and creative problem solving is available for the mutual beneficial exchanging of ideas. Mental openness allows intuitive development and higher sensory perception….

(GSF) Responsibility: We are accountable to our actions and accept responsibility for our words, commitments and energies. We are realistic and dependable only committing to that which we are capable and are genuinely sincere. We are aware of how our language and behavior impact others, the environment and act humbly. …

(GSF) Honesty: The ability to be honest with one self, honest in the assessment of others, honest in the circumstances of reality through a commitment to emotional clarity. Stating and representing the true conditions of circumstances as neutrally and harmlessly as possible. …

(GSF) Autonomy or Sovereignty: To achieve the strong foundation within the spiritual self to become confident in facing life decisions and making choices supported as a self-governed and spiritually motivated individual. With self-autonomy we do not need to manipulate or control others. Within the world context, it is the capacity of a clear individual to make an informed, un-coerced decision. …

(GSF) Reality Assessment: To be able to assess the current environment and conditions realistically and truthfully in order to make informed choices without needing to control the outcome or engage in power conflicts. To discern conditions based on internal resonance and not external judgments or mass acceptance. …

(GSF) Unified Cooperation: Recognizing the interdependence between all living things with the desire to engender cooperation between groups and all living systems. Cooperation is valued in order to unify the whole in energetically beneficial exchanges for creating holistic systems. Cooperation becomes the natural behavior to align groups synchronistically in a naturally self-organizing system arranged upon a core spiritual mission or humanitarian philosophy. …
The dots behind it represent that there may be more to what the author wrote.  I selected excerpts that stood out to me for consideration.  If you would like to see the whole article about the ‘laws of nature’ in its unaltered state, you can visit the original post here.

Overall, these have some higher dimensional views of what it is to live in a united society.

When we each choose to hold this perspective in our lives now, without ‘waiting for others to act first’ – then we begin to see this kind of experience reflected in our reality around us.

In addition to these perspectives, it’s also important that each of us ‘let our own flair out’, so we can embody the unique vibration that we are.

Being our full, soul-authentic selves opens untold possibilities, universal magic, and synchronicity in our life, now.

Remember, it is far more fun to explore this reality with a sense of curiosity than a sense of hiding!

-By Danielle Lynn

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