LYS – Season 1 – Episode 8 – Shining Light on the Dark Night of the Soul

The dark night of the soul is an experience people rarely talk about.  Yet all of us experience the cycles of light and dark, up and down in our life journey.

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The dark night of the soul is an experience that might be classified as ‘spiritual depression’ for some.

Like many things in life that seem intangible, the definitions, experiences, and perceptions of it seem to change depending on who you ask.

Experiences of the dark night of the soul may include:

Feeling like you’re stuck within a dark hole that you can’t get out.
Feeling like you’ve lost your connection with god forces or the divine
Experiences of confusion or despair.
Feelings of wanting to leave the planet or ‘go back home’
Feeling frustrated or angry with life
Desperately wanting a purpose or feeling disconnected from life
Feelings that nothing and no one can help you, even techniques and tools that have helped before.

If you are experiencing or have experienced any of these experiences, this show may be enlightening for you.

In my own experience, I have had many ‘dark night experiences’ as well as ‘dark nights within dark nights.’

Eons of study and personal experience has connected me with frequencies and perspectives that may be useful to you as you allow yourself to go through your transition with grace and self love.

If you believe you are experiencing this or have experienced it, we say this to you: this too shall pass.

Together in this show, we will explore questions such as:

How do I find balance when I feel such despair?

When will this be over? IS there anything I can do to speed up this process?

Sometimes I feel like its over and then the feeling comes back… I feel like I have to struggle for peace… this really can’t be it, can it?

Am I doing this right? I meditate and meditate but end up feeling more frustrated. I feel like I’m going to throw my shoe at the next person who tells me “love and light”. What’s wrong with me?

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