LYS – Season 1- Episode 12 – How to Develop your Intuition, clairvoyance, and inner gifts

Hello my friend, on this show, we’ll be exploring developing your psychic, intuitive, and empathic skillset.

Tune in here:

Everyone has empathic and intuitive connections. It’s very much like any ‘muscle’ – how much are you aware of it, playing with it, tuning in

This ‘mini class’ is an updated experience, as many of the ‘old rules’ about working with energy in our world has shifted, notably over the last couple of years.

This helps you get a ‘leg up’ and develop a firmer, more loving inner foundation with yourself.

We’ll also cover:

How to ‘control’ your intuitive and psychic skills
How to uncover your specific specialties
Techniques and exercises you can begin using to deepen your awareness and connection

And more

I’m excited to share these things with you, it’s a joy when people remember how insightful and connected they are – and it makes living in this world so much fun!

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