LYS – Season 1- Episode 10 – Being a Soul Visionary and Living your fullness without exception

If you have ever looked around at anything in the world and thought “I could come up with something better than this…” Then this show is for you!

Being a Soul Visionary – How to live life your way NOW, regardless of what reality says….

And how to hold your vision, even when life seems challenging.

Tune in here:

A soul visionary is someone who has come into this world to live a vision that has never been lived before.

You are a soul visionary. I can say this with confidence, as you would not be reading this post otherwise.

There are certain tools, teachings, ideas, and people you’re drawn to time and time again.

You may feel manic at times, with contrasts of euphoria followed by despair – light and dark – orderly and chaos.

Walking the razors edge of balance between sanity and complete imagination is very common for you.

You are quite capable when you put your mind, focus, energy towards something, yet because most things do not seem challenging or grab your interest, you tend to float here and there – becoming at expert at something, then on a seeming whim moving on to something else.

On today’s show, we’ll be exploring what it is to be a soul visionary and answer several questions, including how to follow your vision, how to transcend beyond the ‘facts of reality’ while being wholly grounded in your life.

We’ll also explore:

How to live your life vision without compromise
How to get clear on your vision and maintain your focus
Grounding yourself deeply, even when everything feels like chaos
WHy ‘ignoring reality” helps you create faster and with more accuracy
And more 

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