LYS Episode 20: Embracing Pain

Posted on February 23, 2017
Come find your inner self

You may already know I’m all about Alchemy. Pain is something that pops up in all our lives now and again in many different forms.

At one point or another, we create ‘strategies’ for dealing with pain.
I’ve found however, that many of these strategies seem to be about avoiding pain or trying to quickly resolve pain so you don’t have to feel it.
So you might not realize, but this dapper lady has had her fair share of pain in life – physical, mental, psychological, spiritual.

However, I carry little if any pain as a residue on myself at any given time.
Today I’ll be sharing ‘what I do’ to embrace this peaceful state, as well as share perspectives with you on pain to help lighten up your life, and of course – jokes. We wont promise they will be good jokes – maybe more like ‘balanced jokes’ 😉

Author: Danielle Lynn

Danielle Lynn teaches soul alchemy and joyful living through transmutational love and centeredness. To learn more or write a message click here

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