LYS Episode 19: Inner Alchemy: Experiencing a Fuller Love

Posted on February 23, 2017
Come find your inner self

Hello my friend, we’re back from Columbia and ready for today’s show on this Valentines day.

Now you MAY have heard of us talk about love before 😉 … In today’s show, we’re exploring how you can experience a deeper love in your life, with yourself, with others, and with the world around you.
Love is a powerful word. Love is an even more powerful state of being.
The logical mind would not agree with this. To the logical mind, love might seems unpredictable and flighty. However…
When you understand how to truly root yourself in love, and when you remember how to make love your focus, while you still access logic, you find yourself happier, freer, and connecting with fascinating people and situations.
We’re going deep into love, as we talk on the ways we can open our hearts further and experience more life NOW – even if we have been hurt before.

Author: Danielle Lynn

Danielle Lynn teaches soul alchemy and joyful living through transmutational love and centeredness. To learn more or write a message click here

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