Loving the food you eat – The spiritually healthy way to lose weight

I title this post a little tongue in cheek, as ultimately we’re not quite talking about weight loss.

However, this information will help you connect with your body goals, as we’re focusing on how to be a conscious creator in your life.

Here is the inspired though – allow yourself to create a win win relationship with you food.

Now you can apply this to all aspects of your life.

For example – if you try to diet, you’re creating a restriction experience between your self and your food – the experience becomes one of scarcity. Scarcity of calories, scarcity of what is available to you.

This causes you to consciously and unconsciously ‘hold on more’ because there is fear of receiving.

I feel inspired to share this message today, as there is a lot of focus on the food we eat and the energy we take into our body on all levels.

We get bombarded with messages of what we should eat, or what we shouldn’t eat, especially when it comes to our spiritual health. 

Today, we share a perspective that may help you enjoy your food AND your health that much more.

Ultimately, the reality we live in is a construct of perceptions.  Some of them are practiced perceptions that become ingrained belief structures that almost seem to ‘take a mind of their own.’

We see this in a lot of the world in regards to fitness, health, weight, and food.

There are many different schools of thought on what you ‘should or shouldn’t eat.’

So what is ‘the answer?”

The answer is to let go of what you think you SHOULD do so you can open your attunement and awareness to the intelligence of your spirit-connected body.

In other words, drop the ‘mind based’ rules and restrictions, and start to go within and ask your body “how can I nourish you today at this moment?  What would would uplift you and sustain you?”   

Be kind to yourself.  Don’t judge yourself for whatever you are feeling drawn to eat.

You see, there ultimately is no ‘right or wrong’ thing to eat.

Even things that are supposedly awful – such as meats or sugars – may be something your body is requesting from you in any given moment.

The difference however, is to first be ATTUNED to a place of abundance when it comes to your heath and your food.

The relationship so many of us have with food and health is one of ‘lack or fear’ – even consider how so many count calories or feel ‘guilty’ for eating that slice of cake.

When you approach your food from a state of ‘I can eat whatever it is my spirit-guided body truly wants, as it nourishes and sustains me”, then you find yourself connected closer to the truth.

You find yourself shifting from ‘fear-based emotional eating’ into consciousness-based eating.

Rather than being at odds with food and health, you find yourself naturally aligning with choices that feel good to you, your heart, your body, your mind, AND your tastebuds at any given moment.

You find you naturally stop ‘overeating’ because there’s no need to.   In a space of consciousness you know you’re allowed to eat anytime you like and so you stop feeling fear, stress or guilt around food.

Your body is a great intelligence.  It knows what it needs at any given moment to support you.  Open yourself to this intelligence and connect with your heart.

Remember there is no need to ‘push’ – you may never feel called to eat certain foods, and that is okay.  As you allow yourself to align, you’ll find food to be a joyful, healthful experience naturally – no extra thought required.

Being a healthy weight, feeling vital, being strong, all these things are naturally yours as you live in this sustainable way with your food.

Be kind to you <3 and love your Self in all that ways that are joyful to you

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