Letting go of old Identities and Contemplating Reality – Musings From 6-10-2019

You may have noticed I’ve been more internal lately.

For a while, I was not focused on sharing as much publicly as I have been.  Lately (for the last couple years or so) there has been an unwinding of identity, namely the ‘concepts of me’ I’ve identified with.

Sometimes that unwinding happens easily, other times I mourn what is falling away. However, the more I trust life’s process, and anchor inwardly, the smoother these transitions happen.

Choosing to work with my body through the tools of, movement and sound, time and space, have assisted me in letting those aspects unwind. This has been important, as we’re multidimensional beings – and our physicality is currently one of our dimensions.

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience in your own life – an unwinding of what is no longer true for you. Maybe it has been all internal – or maybe you’ve also noticed the shifts externally, in your jobs, relationships, and even what you’re interested in.

Here is my take on it: we’ve chosen to embody these energies not just at the quantum and energetic level – but at the physical 3d and 4d levels as well.

I’ve found that time and space, movement and sound, are excellent tools for assisting a physical body in getting acclimated to embodiment.

I’ll be sharing these contemplations as I go, I hope they assist you in your process of shifting from who you through you were, into embodying who you are.

For today, Here are some contemplations I’ve recently recorded and felt inspired to share here with you. Please enjoy, in friendship.

Musings on how we create in our reality

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