How to get over a missed opportunity

Sometimes we get bummed out on missed opportunities.

We think about what could have been or should have been.

When we look at life this way, we’re living in a sort of limbo.

Not quite moving forward, not quite moving back.

Just circling around a thought of what ‘could have or should have been.’

It’s draining – on our minds, on our bodies, on our souls.

We’ve all had experiences that we felt we ‘missed out on’ at one point or another.

I know I’ve had them!

What helps me shift, is two things:

First, I give myself permission to fully absorb and feel what I want to feel about whatever situation I’m in. This time of reflection is key to my growth and self love. It gives me permission to have a balanced perspective on life, and allows me the space to experience life without judgement.

I often connect to wider perspectives from this place too.

Second, once I decide I am ready to consciously create again, I focus on the present moment, and ground in my vision: what truly excites me about being human, about interacting with the world around me, what my fullest expression wants to express Now. And I create from there.

I can only ever build on where I am focused now.

And because I gave myself the space to absorb my reflections, I feel more freedom in what I can create and what I can do in the moment.

In my experience, life isn’t a linear chart graph of where you ‘did good’ and where you ‘messed up.’

It’s not a before and after story.

Life is an ever unfolding experience of exploration. And the more room you give yourself to explore, the more it will delight you – and the more you will delight yourself

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