How to Change the World

When we ask ‘what is the most powerful way to change the world’, the answer is always “within”

This is not a ‘feel good’ answer. This is a window to your freedom.

The power you have when you tend to your inner being, when you connect with your self, is immeasurable.

All your power, all of your creation starts within. It starts AS you.

When you live in a world of ’cause and effect’ – this happens to me, so that happens to me…

Then you are relying on the seeming chaos of the world to give you meaning, to determine your power, to define your ability.

This will always limit the experience.

YOU are limitless. You are not at the mercy of this world, unless you choose to be.

The “yea buts” that want to spring up – the power of belief that you place in those thoughts are your jailers. Those are the thoughts that perpetuate this state.

Here’s the fun part – if you’re not enjoying the ride and want to get off – all you have to do is completely accept the moment. Stop judging it.

Have compassion for this seemingly unlovable situation – and love it.

They say suffering is not necessary – and that is both true and false.

Rather than say “I should or should not feel this” – just feel it.

Be free. There doesn’t have to be a story behind every little thing.

Clear up your focus for the here and now.

You are freedom. YOU are freedom. YOU BE FREE.

If any of this calls to your soul, I have an invitation for you:

In the last few months, I have taken myself and some of my private students through an experience that I am now opening in a limited run.

The results are soul expanding.

Today I’m inviting you to come join us on this experience. It is a 3 week experience that you can take in the peace of your own home space.

This is not an experience for everyone – those of you who know who you are, here is your first window to experience it your Self <3

You’ll find the link in the comments to learn more.

And wherever you are, however you are feeling

Love you now, Love you always

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