How does food affect our vibration?

How Does Food Affect Our Vibration?

I’ve been contemplating how we take in energy – Through the sun, through breathing, and of course, through food.

Food has almost a mythos in our world.

Just about all holidays are centered around the consumption of food, or the absence of it.

Our relationship to food can show us a lot about how we receive.

A while back, I answered a question on how food – and specifically meat – affects our vibration. The specific question was “does eating meat lower our spiritual vibration?”

Here is the answer I shared:

“We’re going to approach this at multiple layers, since life itself is multi-dimensional.

At the physical level, ultimately, all things are energy. Our bodies are a form of energy matrix – all these little cells, and atoms, quarks and so forth coming together to form a structure.

This structure is maintained vibrationally. We, as thinking, feeling, breathing, conscious humans, have influence over the vibrational integrity of our structure moment to moment. Even though it is relatively stable to our eyes, it is in constant flux at the most fine levels of perception.

We influence this structure through our focus, whether it is conscious or unconscious.

What we ‘take in’ will often influence this structure. What we read, what we think about, our environment, what we eat – all these things influence our energy structure to some extent moment to moment.

The more conscious we are of these things, the more we become discerning and can choose to what extent these things influence us from an inner perspective. (That’s not to say nothing effects us, but we may be more conscious participants and choose how we respond to our experiences moment to moment.)

Man Holding Ice Cream Cone Under Cloud

Eating is a form of energy exchange, an alchemy. At the finer levels of vibration, the meat has crystalized energy of the animal and the animal’s experiences.

Many animals experience great fear or trauma when they are slaughtered. This frequency is part of the meat. We are able to transmute these frequencies when we eat, but some might consider it an ‘extra step’ – compared to say the frequency of eating something more neutral, or even an animal that passed away peacefully.

So from one perspective – kind of. But it is easily transmutable, just like all frequency. It’s not a permanent “oh no, I ate meat and now I’ve lowered my frequency by 2%!” thing.

All vibration is constantly in flux. I perceive there is this tendency to always want to be ‘high vibe’ but I’ve found in my own life that high and low vibe aren’t really ‘better or worse’ from the wider perspective. Energy is like a spectrum of colors. You need the whole to experience the full spectrum rainbow of life.

Sometimes the lower frequencies are necessary as part of the whole. And it’s less about being low or high, but rather how we embrace where we’re at in the moment without judgement.”

I perceive it’s important that the choices we make are based in discernment, as much as possible.

Which means, the less we look for guidance from externally inspired belief structures, the more smoothly we can respond and adapt to the subtle rhythms of our inner guidance – including what kind of energy the body wants to take in.

I also perceive that we will naturally gravitate to a more “vegan/vegetarian’ lifestyle as individuals and a collective.

Until then, remember to be kind to yourself and be curious about what your body craves to be nourished with: Exploration is a wonderful tool to expansion, when combined with reflection!

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