A metaphysical discussion on moving beyond healing and duality

Healing Versus being Whole

So there’s this level where we naturally want to help others as we are all connected, spiritually, physically, and so forth.

We have this perception that in helping others externally, say through healing, that we’re changing a whole, evolution, and all that rah rah rah.

All perceptions are essentially internal to external. Meaning if I’m playing with anyone else’s perceived problems, I’m perpetuating the creation of it by putting my energy into the experience.

It’s not a judgement on anyone who wants to help or interact with anyone else in that way. For some, the experience IS helping both parties because the experience and exchange were desired.

Some people want to feel desired as a healer, and some people want the experience of being healed. It can be a very loving exchange.

There’s no right or wrong way to play.

However if I wanted to transcend the experience (say truly heal to the point where healing is not necessary) I wouldn’t engage in ‘healing sickness’ with someone, because we’re perpetuating the healing/healer cycle.

For the healer to exist there must be something to heal. It is a duality perspective – and duality is not transcended within duality.

If I wanted to transcend healing, I’d hold a space of wholeness, and be that wholeness. I would focus on the joy of the moment and play there.

An example of this might be a comedian. They hold a space of joy through humor. In joy, we focus on what lifts us up. We are naturally uplifted. There is no focus being put on ‘healing.’ It simply is.

Follow your truth. Everyone is needed here, and there is no objective right or wrong. Be aware of what you are choosing, and have fun!

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