Harmonic resonance with yourself

Harmonizing With Who You Truly Are

The small things make up the whole

The moment-to-moment makes up the eternity

In each moment we have the opportunity to choose what we will focus on

This is less about what we should do, and more about who we are when we slow down internally, and start here and now, in this moment.

It’s a fundamental shift from living life by ‘Making choices by doing first’ into  living life by ‘Harmonizing with my being first’

What is it to live life by harmonizing with yourself?

Your natural essence has a rhythm.  This natural essence is the stuff of your genius.

It is a flow, a code that exists as you.  This rhythm was likely very clear and visibly present when you were a child – you had little or no preconceptions or beliefs to cloud them up at the time. 🙂

Who you were, was who you were.  As you grew, you learned new things about who you were, or rather, who you could be, through the eyes and words and actions of others.

You learned from parents, from lovers, from family, from your colleagues, from your community, and maybe even from the world as a whole.

Somethings you learned you may have liked, others not so much.

Every experience was a gift – it helped shape who you are today, who you are being Now.

If you’re enjoying it all, thank you for being an expression of enjoyment in the world.  But if there is something about you or your life experience you don’t like so much or would want to change, I invite you to consider the following…

There’s a point in our adulthood where we forget to sometimes ask ourselves – now that this world has told me a lot about me, what do I really harmonize with?  

What do I truly want?

Who am I when I stop trying to harmonize with what is outside of me?  What does that rhythm feel like?

For many of us, this is not a question we’re used to asking.

We’re used to immediately tuning in to the needs of our feelings, the people around us, the urges we experience across our lifetime.  We’re used to thinking about ways to do things, about how to get what we want.

That’s okay.

Who you are is no secret, not really.  

During this time in our global evolution, we are on the brink of remembering how essential it is to listen to our unique inner harmony.   

Let’s be clear here – your harmony isn’t necessarily a gentle, angelic song.  Your harmony may sound like a rock concert, where you live life with explosive energy.

It might be a fully techno rhythm that shifts and changes, as you versatile make your way through life, doing unusual jobs in ways that no one else would get – but it energizes YOU.

It might be like smooth jazz, a gentle, rich flow, full of different beats, relationships, and experiences…   

But whatever your rhythm is, and however your ideal life would be lived, whether others understand it or not, it is YOU.  It is YOUR harmony.
We’re shifting from ‘trying to do and be’ into ‘letting go of the beliefs and systems I thought I had to hold on to” and embodying our fullest selves, and our truest lives.

It starts with the self, then ebbs and flows as us collectively.

And specifically, for you, it starts with you.

The fact that you are reading these words indicates that this is already an awareness active in you.  You are already contemplating – consciously or unconsciously – your true essence.

Remember, it’s not something you have to find, or figure out, or achieve, or be worthy of.

It’s who you are when you’re not doing any of those things.

So relax – from the inside out – you just might remember your genius. 🙂

As we contemplate this together, I invite you to consider: “Who am I when there are no rules, no should bes, and no outside approval to obtain?  If nothing outside of me can satisfy me, and all my satisfaction ultimately came from my own self acceptance – who am I?”

Thank you  (And in my case… tuning in to chillstep beats 😉 )

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