Getting clarity in your reality and life

Clarity is the permission you grant yourself to make choices that line up with the person you truly are.

How do we know the person we really are?   That’s something we get to explore and experience each day.

You won’t find out who you are by thinking about it.  You’ll find out who you are as you engage life day to day.

You’ll find out as you make choices each day.

The challenge is to not use the outside as your measure of whether you’re ‘living up to your life.’

And that’s tricky right?  Because as humans, we really like that comparison game.

But if you can trust your process, that your own growth and experience is something deeply valid and expansive, you’ll find yourself tapping into an inner intelligence and knowing as you continue to make your choices through life.

Then you no longer look to others or reality to tell you ‘you’re doing it right’ – instead you realize “I’m creating  the focus of my reality, moment by moment.  I’m filtering this through my perceptions. I am able to make micro adjustments moment to moment.  I’m choosing the frequencies I’m focusing on.  I have that much ability.”

Your friend,
Danielle Lynn

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