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I’ve worked in marketing for myself, and for multi-million dollar clients and companies around the world.  In this time, I’ve launched 6 figure promotions, brought a business from $0 to $50k per month in 6 months, worked with some of the industries biggest marketing names as their personal back-end marketer, and ran an online info product publishing company with my partner that has grossed over a million in sales in its lifetime.

In our session together, you can tap into my expertise to find out:

  • What changes can you immediately make to your site to improve your conversions in the next 3 days
  • How to leverage current leads to improve your cost per acquisition
  • Review your current traffic sources, and identify at least one more additional traffic stream you can tap into (or how you can better connect with your current traffic streams)
  • Identify what glaring issues might be happening on your page preventing you from getting the leads or sales you’re hoping for.
  • I’ll identify your target market (I’ve worked in several fields, from internet marketing to dating, to manufacturing, to high-end consulting and more) and provide you with some industry-specific strategies that your competitors might not have even considered… so you can have a leading edge.
  • I’ll connect you with my personal network of designers, traffic guys, and anything else you need.
  • I’ll look at your complete funnel, and show you how to optimize it for more sales, as well as provide solutions on how you can retarget and make the most of your current set up.And of course, you can ask me any other questions you like during our one hour together.

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