finding balance in new earth

Finding your footing in the world as you awaken to all you are

Hello my dear friend,

We are here. This is the emergence of New Earth.

To repeat an often used phrase – it all begins within you.

Let’s go a bit deeper than that even.

We’ve spent a lot of our lives projecting external solutions to our perceived problems.

We would feel poor, so we would seek money

We would feel unworthy, so we would seek validation

And so forth.

Look around you and look within you. The experiences that you repeatedly act out in your day to day life are giving you clear reflections of what you are cultivating in your inner space.

It is not a judgement or a reprimand, its an invitation to step within your own power here and now.

If you have a situation that feels like it is heavy, or has bogged down for ‘so long’, try observing it in the present. Remove the measure of time.

All that is happening is right now. How little or long it has lasted is irrelevant outside of the mind.

We think it is relevant because we think our suffering needs to have purpose. It is the need for it to have purpose that keeps us holding on to the suffering state until we feel we have enough reason or permission to allow ourselves to uplift.

Remove the need for ‘your suffering to have meaning’ – rather than label it or justify it, or anything else, observe it.

Embrace it. Appreciate it for the experience it is.

Then be so present to the moment, that by your presence you become immediately aware of the infinite expansive possibility open to you in this moment now.

Whatever your story was is irrelevant, you are NOW connected to the full power of everything you are on every level.

In each moment we have this choice. And you may have times you find it easy to connect and you may have times where it feels like a challenge.

We suggest never ‘pushing’ – if something doesn’t feel good or aligned in the moment, then pause, and be aware, and ask yourself, what do I choose to do in this moment?

As you continue to shift into living this way consciously, you will naturally find things ‘working out for you’ on all levels

Remember, there are times you may feel isolated as you integrate and emerge into yourself.

You may have experiences of supreme clarity, insight and bliss followed by what feels a ‘deep emptiness’

You may even feel a type of ‘death wish’ – wanting to leave the body, or for things to just end.

This is all normal and natural. There is nothing wrong with you. You are not broken. You are integrating and remembering all you are.

Be kind to your self, love yourself. If you feel you need to be alone give yourself permission to do and be so.

Remember that all are your family ultimately. We are all here with you and for you, even if in the physical you feel alone time to time. You can always go within your heart and reach out for an eternal hug <3 Love you now and always

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