The Wisdom of Opening Your Self to New Perspectives

As you live your dream, be willing to see beyond your old perceptions.

Be adaptable. Shift and flow.

Be willing to be unusual.

Be willing to go within, and work in silence.

Be willing to be full of action when you feel inspired.

Be willing to be at peace when you ‘don’t know’

Be willing to let things go when they no longer uplift and inspire all you are.

Be willing to open yourself to new ways of doing things – and then doing them now, even if you’re not sure how it looks.

Be willing to open yourself to your heart and choose conscious action.

Live your life knowing that each choice you make is yours, not because you have to, not because that’s the way it is, live your life because it is the way you are choosing it to be.

So often we focus on being ONE way, that we forget there are many ways to move.

When we get too attached to one way of doing things, we sometimes shut out other possibilities.

Remember, you are a multi-faceted person! You don’t only move forward – you can move side to side, up and down, you can pivot and spin.

There are so many ways! So many approaches! So many perspectives!

Life is not black and white – it is a whole rainbow of colors, of choices, of feelings, and perspectives.

You can look at anything a number of ways – and in EVERY situation, person, and experience there is a perspective that empowers you, that is joyful, and that is TRUE to all you are!

Always choose the perspective that suits all the magnificence you are! This is how we construct our reality. .

Be flexible, adaptable, mobile in awareness.

Be willing to see things from all angles until you find the one that glimmers and glistens in your life.

You shine


-Danielle Lynn

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