Energetic Update September 2018

We’re at a phase in our lives where we’re remembering a few key things:

How we create something is also the result.   The basis of our creations begin at the energetic level – and that energetic level will determine we add to the fabric of the world with our creation, what opportunities come,  how it affects the collective, who connects with it (or doesn’t), and so forth.

Self love is the basis for healthy and whole creating.  It’s not about sounding nice. It’s only when we feel full ourselves that we can truly create from a place of wholeness with another, and with the world.

Otherwise we’re still participating in an energy structure that says we have to give to others by taking from ourselves – and that no longer needs to be the norm.

We have a choice in how we live in this reality.  Not by rebelling against the outer structures, but by aligning with our inner structures.

This means to care the most about your connection to your inner being.  Not at a philosophical level, but at a level of being willing to let everything else fall away if it comes between you and your Self.

This inner circuitry is the basis for all of creation – it connects you your center in the fractal of creation.

Meaning, it connects you with the vast inner blueprint that you are both experiencing and creating at the same time – that contains all life with in it.

I’d invite you for a moment to contemplate this, because you are smart enough, switched on enough, activated enough to get this at a deep level.

Even if some of these words or concepts seem foreign, I’d invite you to listen and absorb it and let it unfold naturally for you.

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