embracing pain

Embracing Pain

At the time of writing this post, we find ourselves in the middle of two eclipses… one happened near the start of February, the next is set to happen near the end of this month, currently on the weekend.

Eclipses are interesting.  An experience of darkness in the day.  An overshadowing of light.  A combination of light and dark.  A twilight.

You may have noticed in your life some turmoil, even more than usual.  You may have noticed old things stirred up – things you think you have ‘gotten over before’ – as though they’re resurfacing.

Even deeper, you may notice that the ‘old ways’ of dealing with it don’t seem to be working.

We are given an opportunity to see ourselves and our illusions here and now.  This is a time of burning away all that is not true to us through the light of our Self awareness.

This is no longer the time to bandaid up old feelings and thoughts.  This is the time to fully embrace them.  To fully embrace all of you.

Someone recently asked me why they seem to be going back to square one.  From the fullest perspective we are never going back to square one. We sometimes experience cycles that feel similar to where we have been before.  You might see it like honing the edge of a sword, going over the edge multiple times, each time feels familiar, yet with each smoothing, the blade is more defined, more clear, something subtle has changed with each stroke.

You are continuously adjusting, shifting, coming to new places of remebering, new experiences, new instances of Self discovery.

So with that… we encourage you…

See the pain for what it is – a communication between you and your Self.  An indication that you are holding on to something that is not true to the divine fullness you are.
This is not meant to be a punishment, it is a gift to yourself – a portal of deeper awakening and remembering.  Pain is one catalyst, and it always shifts.

The ‘secret?’  To embrace it fully.   To embrace the ‘feeling of death’ – to stop running away.

The question to ask yourself is “Can I truly accept this as it is, here and now?  Can I accept this thought “I am at peace with always feeling this pain.”

Most of us balk at that thought – we resist the idea that we’d feel pain forever.  However it is the resistance to ANYTHING that causes pain – even the resistance to pain itself.

So let us embrace it.   Embrace it and all of you without judgement of how that should look or feel – even if you feel like garbage right now 🙂

The moment you can allow yourself this peace is the moment you are forever free from the pain.  But first you must be willing to embrace it fully.

Be willing to be the phoenix that enters the fire.  Be willing to let all that is not true to you burn away in the fire of your awareness.

Remember that life is never happening to you – it is always a reflection of your state.   And each moment you get to choose “Am I a victim or am I a creator?”

You don’t have to ‘do more’ – you don’t have to ‘be more aware’ – it is a matter of right NOW allowing yourself to remember – you are enough.  Yes, as you are.

It is only our thoughts that something is wrong that makes something appear wrong.  It is only our judgements that judge us.

We are the key holders of our life.  And pain is the catalyst that shows us where to unlock.

Once you embrace this, then everything opens <3

WIth that, I invite you to tune in to this week’s show replay – I talked about embracing pain in detail here.  You can check it out at the post, there is a player right on the page on the link here: Love Your Self with Danielle Lynn – Embracing Pain

If you feel lost or have any questions, remember that all is well. I am always happy to facilitate questions, here on the blog posts and in the show.  You are welcome in this space anytime.

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