danielle lynn rose

Embracing Pain

There is a beautiful quote by the wise sage Rumi – “The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

Sometimes, the pain in our life situation can feel so great, we wonder how we can even go on.

And yet, we go on.

If you are here reading this, and you are in pain, know that no matter how dark life may feel,

You are not alone.

Your experience is unlike any other. And only you can truly bear it.

But you are not alone.

Every person in this world experiences pain in one form or another, at one moment or another.

The experience may be different, how we respond to it may be different, yet we all have this connection collectively.

You are not alone.

Sometimes, we can feel so separate from the rest of the world, as we see pictures of smiling faces.

We wonder ‘what is wrong with us.’ We yearn to ‘fix ourselves’ or find peace, or just be better.

You might be surprised at how many feel this way.

You are not alone.

Sometimes, I have found myself yearning for comfort, for pain to end.

But I found trying to conform my life in an attempt to avoid pain only brought me more pain.

So far, I have found that the only answer that feels whole to me, is to embrace pain as my friend.

It still hurts sometimes. But my relationship with it has changed.

And each time, it shifts a little more.

In each moment, we are given a choice. Do we resist the moment, or do we embrace it.

The answer we choose determines how we feel about the moment.

The wonderful part of this, is even if you choose one choice one moment… you can always make a new choice the next moment.

You are ever evolving. Ever creating. Ever transforming.

You are much more than your life experience.

Yes there is pain. And there is also joy.

There is a wholeness to you that includes all of life in it.

And you are integrating this within you now.

So yes, there is pain. And you are the master who is transmuting pain within the power of your presence.

Every time you embrace your pain, you are embracing us all. Every time you love yourself, you are loving us all.

You transform the world.

And even if you don’t feel like you are, even when you feel like ‘you messed up,’ you are still being exactly who you need to be. You cannot get this wrong.

Thank you for being. Thank you for the life you are.

We love you.

We are all in this together.

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