Creating Your Reality – New Perspectives, New Moon

A new moon, and some new contemplations.
I’ve talked in the past about we are internal to external creators, and for the past few years, I’ve been getting curious and creative with it.
More and more I’ve been approaching life from a place of “what is the foundational energy with which I’m approaching this moment? What outcome do I want?”
“This” could mean a relationship, a belief, a want, a perspective.
My personal challenge was the desire to immediate shift uncomfortable feelings.
I found that trying to ‘rush’ through the uncomfortable feelings was a disservice to myself.
So, I’ve been running this experiment in my life for a while, and I find that the more willing I am to pause, and CHOOSE the foundational energy I’m approaching a situation with, the more options are open to me to choose from.
I think it can be hard for us to grasp, because approaching life this way can feel paradoxical. You can find something unacceptable, while accepting it is as it is at the same time. And many of us shy away from the idea of embracing the seemingly undesirable.
But ultimately, I think that limits us and our potential to create at our fullest level.
It has become apparent to me that the more flexible we are in our lives and in our perspectives, and the less we attempt to justify how we create our reality, the more fluidly we can create – and this is the zone where ‘incredible possibilities’ happen.
Sometimes living this way is very uncomfortable. It can be consistently identity shattering – as you never really ‘rest on your beliefs’ and you’re always learning who you are, without ever really ‘getting there.’
But what I’m experiencing is that the less we try to force our lives to be lived through morals, shoulds and should nots, and beliefs model alone…
And the more we pivot into a present-moment ‘what is resonant with me here and now’ model, the more we experience our true creative potential.
Not just to meet ways of making money, finding love, changing your body, or creating the lives we want, but to open ourselves up to entirely new paradigms of possibility in this reality – individually and collectively.
I’ll say this another way – before we take action, we can consciously select the outcome that we want to experience, and then embody it. Not just in our imagination or as wishful thinking. We can tune our reality the way we tune an instrument.
This is very different from our “Act now, seek, and then let the results make me feel the way I want to feel later” model.
We will then (naturally) gravitate towards people, opportunities and situations, passive thoughts, ideas, that all connect you with that outcome.
This is one of the ‘practical’ ways see and apply the model of ‘ease and receiving’ we’ve been bombarded with over the last few years.
This information is nothing new at its core, however maybe the way this is being shared is something radical.
I don’t suggest we just talk about it and nod about it and feel good about what’s being said here.
If this resonates, I suggest we continue to take this idea and trajectory into ourselves and practice it here and now – in the field.
Actively practicing this is the difference between ‘knowing about it’ and ‘experiencing it.’
But I do hope this post acts as a catalyst that connects some points you may have been feeling for yourself, pondering a bit in your mind, contemplating in your heart and being.
I would love to hear your stories on creating, what has your attention at the moment, where you’ve been pivoting. We’re all shaping this experience together.
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