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I hope everything is going well in your corner of the world.

Popping in to share a friendly face and a few perspectives with you that I felt might help during this time of change.

Since I felt 2020 into, I knew we’d experience a lot of shifts. I wasn’t sure what form they’d take – but here we are a few months in, and we’re seeing the shifts first hand.

I’m personally feeling them as well – inside and out.

The one thing that stands out to me again and again is the importance of making your center of balance rooted inside of you.

The means as much as you can, to not cling to external things (jobs, relationships, situations in your life.)

I understand that’s easier said than done. We’re human – shifts in these major life areas can floor us.

I share this as an invitation and an opportunity. Life will always change – and each change is an opportunity for us to observe what we place our stock in.

Are we expecting the things around us to prop up our sense of worth? Our sense of stability and security?

If so – we’re being invited during these times of uncertainty to go a step further than these surface anchors. We’re being invited to a powerful initiation into who truly are.

I’m not promising that you will avoid pain – in fact, pain and discomfort are almost a certainty anytime we’re attached to a perspective or belief – and then something changes.

But how you experience this pain and discomfort may drastically shift depending on where you’re approaching it from.

Further, when we stop training ourselves to avoid change and discomfort, and instead program ourselves to lean into it, the nature of our decision making starts to reveal answers, opportunities, and depth that you may not have tapped into otherwise.

It bears repeating: this is a time of great change and opportunity – inside and out.

Now, I will reflect here with you on the Coronavirus.

It’s an experience that is on everyone’s minds – and just like any other experience, the lasting impact it may have on our lives will vary based on our perspective. Here are a few you can use as you see fit:

Notice how this virus has caused a global amplification effect. We have seen acts of violence and selfishness. We’ve also seen acts of great compassion, of working together – and we’re seeing a few other changes.

Consider the sudden restriction of movement, and how companies are now allowing workers to work from home – and how that might set a precedent that starts wider shifts into how we approach work.

Consider the humor of Mexico closing its borders to the US

Consider how this is encouraging a period of ‘world wide introspection’ (due to people isolating and doing less ‘gatherings’)

Consider the implications this has on how it’s ‘testing structures’ – inside and outside.

Consider how we’re seeing the emergence of a newer generation who are witnessing firsthand the holes in current structures – and who may be inspired to help form new structures that will work and change the world within their lifetimes.

I know at times it’s easy to feel panic and like things are getting set back. However I invite you to take a wider view.

The fires that burned in Australia brought forth new growth. In a similar way, I see this theme of change and unrest making way for new growth.

Our governments, our economies, and our world are a greater manifestation of our collective human organism – and right now, it’s experiencing a mutation.

Compassion is the path forward – for yourself, for others, for everyone.

Remember that everyone has their role to play – even the people who are selfish, or seem to be the ‘bad guys.’

Remember that the most powerful changes are ignited by example.

Live it, be it – and know that all is changing in the best possible way.

Even in the times of great change, great unrest, and great uncertainty, you can be flexible and find and act on the most resonant opportunities.

We may face disappointment. Structures may crumble – but as long as we choose to see the opportunities in each moment, we will rise again and again.

We are all much more empowered than we might think.

We will all make it through this, and every new challenge together.

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