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Conscious Creation, Flexibility, and Cultivating Connections

Every day, we have an opportunity to consciously create.

For me, conscious creation is about Self responsibility, discernment, choice, and fun.  

It’s knowing how to BE observant with who you are, receive clarity on the choice you want to make Now, making that choice Now, and then DOing inspired action with the blueprint you’ve tapped into, while remaining receptieve to the call to BE still and receive again whenever it arises. 

This process may sound like a lot of work and time, but ultimately what I’m describing is the process of living from the WHOLE of you: Being willing to open yourself to a state of surrender so you can tap into your wisdom (feminine) and making choices to take aligned action on that wisdom (masculine), in timing that resonates with the whole (synchronicity), while being receptive to whatever the moment holds (presence).  This is something that can take time, or something that can all happen within the blink of an eye.

On that thread today, I’d love to share a bit about the latest in my journey on consciously creating, as well as a perspective on choosing and cultivating the kinds of connections you’d like to discover and magnetize into your life.  (This is something I’ve been playing with actively for several years now, and really started to focus on in the last 4-6 months.)

It’s shocking how little we’re taught about our power to create.  So much has been hammered into us on how hard we have to work and how much we have to do to make things happen, that no wonder we dove head first into a tidal wave of esoteric new age feeling and being perspectives.

It is thrilling that we’ve opened ourselves so much to the esoteric and intangible.  However, I sense that we’re coming back to a place where after we’ve received so many perspectives on feeling and being, we’re asking ourselves – Well, now what do I DO with this?

This sort of integration has been the latest flavor I’ve been experiencing whenever I tune into the collective zeitgeist.

“How do we take all we’ve learned and experience and live the reality we want most?”

How do we integrate the practical, the fantastical, what is known, what is yet to be known?

For myself, the answer to this question has been presented through an unfolding in my own life.

A couple years ago, in the midst of sharing esoteric wisdom, I began to feel my energy shifting.  No longer did I feel excited about sharing more perspectives on ideologies alone.

This was a very shocking realization.  Up until this point, I felt nearly submerged in magic and mystical knowings day to day.  But it felt like I was approaching the end of a phase, the ‘death’ of part of a journey. 
After experiencing such certainty and knowing, such a connection of the heart, the universe, my life’s purpose – it felt as thought I was being led into the darkness again.

I’d like to tell you I embraced the death of that journey with complete open grace – however it was challenging for me. My mystical journey had seemed to just be unfolding on this perfect path of connecting with other like-minded souls – why was I feeling drawn away from venturing on this expression externally further?

For a time, I felt some internalized grief at the passing of this form in my life.  It no longer felt appropriate to continue in the old way, as by my own words, we are inner to outer creators – and this inner creation of my was beckoning me to internalize further.  It was asking me to look at some things within myself with these new eyes of mine.

I found myself gently flowing in a darkened stream that seemed to be taking me deeper and deeper inward.  Around this time, I withdrew from sharing messages as regularly, only coming up when inspired. I did not feel in alignment with taking on new clients at the time, so I asked myself -well then, what do you want to create?

It was around this time I synchronistically met my current business partner.  (Ah but that’s a tale for another day!)

For now, suffice to say, this direction in my journey was unexpected, but as I sit here two years later, I have a deeper understanding of why I chose it.

At some point in my journey of sharing reflections, I had begun to crave to do more than share perspectives.  I too wanted to ground my creations into reality.

But what creations were those?  For me, they’re easier to describe through images, feelings, through touch and sound. 

However, to use words to point to it, I choose connection in integrity.  Loving, playful, unique connection – that challenges our boundaries of what we know, that invites curiosity and new creations, that draws the most beautiful pearls from inside of ourselves forward – to dazzle – to share – to shine.

I choose to play in a world of conscious creator masters.  I want to be the fullest, most present version of me, playing with the fullest, most present version of you and all of us.

I want you and I to create together, being who we are here and now. 

I perceive everything we need to be this is already present – the ingredients are all here.  So I’m choosing the way I know how moment to moment, to honor that choice.

And the way I choose to live that here and now at my human level, is through how I relate – in business, in my partnerships, in my life. 

There is still much I’m learning.  All of the connections within our lives are teachers.  The ‘good’ the ‘bad’ the inbetween – everything is helping us see a fuller picture of what we resonate here and now.

Through the coming days, weeks, and so forth, I intend to share with you the new discoveries I’m making, what I’ve been up to in business, in relationships, in life, in esoteric studies – as well as a deeper look into my own stories of triumph and failure.  I have come to see that one thing that helps us all learn is by experiencing stories – and some of the best stories aren’t afraid to step knee deep into what makes us human.

I hope this will be a vehicle to help us continue to connect and that it will be deeply inspiring (or at least that you’ll get some solid laughs! 🙂 ) And I hope it draws us to connect in deeply meaningful ways.

To which I invite you to consider – every relationship in your life was drawn to you by you, consciously or unconsciously.

When we contemplate this, we can start to consider – what are the relationships I would like to have most in my life?

Instead of constructing that answer from the mind, I would further invite us to observe the threads of the relationships we’re drawing in.  How do these beings in our life interact with us? How do we feel about those interactions?

You might realize that the common factor between all these relationships is one person – you.

We are the inner to outer creators of our reality.  To be clear, this does not mean you are responsible for the actions of all the people in your life. 

But rather than feeling panicked or anxious about your creation, I invite you to to approach this (and any exercise) with curiosity.

Give yourself space to be quiet with yourself, to sit with yourself in the solitude of your own inner space.  Ask “Who am I choosing to be?”

Without judging what comes up, observe.

We are constantly evolving and adjusting beings.  So if you find something that you’re still making old choices that you don’t quite resonate with anymore, ask yourself, what would it feel like to be slightly different than this, going towards the direction I would like to go?

I suggest these small shifts, because they become the building blocks of sustainability for great inner change.  When you find that change simple to adhere to, you can always turn up the dial!

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