2020 change

Change is here and now – a 2020 story

Our relationship with change tells us a lot about our relationship with life.

Change is inevitable. It is also alway happening.

Change is neither good nor bad, it is.

It’s our relationships with our perceptions that color our experience of change.

Meaning, how flexible are you at something new coming into your life? How attached are you to the people and the patterns that make up your current experience of reality?

The more we hold onto something in the middle of change, or fear the impending change of something, the more we seem to suffer.

It seems very human to suffer, doesn’t it? Even with my own wide range of perceptions and perspectives, experiencing change viscerally is very different than contemplating it or talking about it.

I respond to change in various ways in my life. Sometimes I find it refreshing and exhilaration. Other times, I grieve. I hold on and grasp. Even knowing on some level it doesn’t serve me! Paradoxical. 🙂

Compassion has been the name of the game with my human experience- what my mind doesn’t understand, my heart processes, holds, and receives.

I’ve started to allow myself to explore these paradoxes, and feel. It’s uncomfortable at times. However, it seems to help something unspoken inside of me. I sometimes find it wise for myself to grieve, to be sad, to feel the feeling at hand.

The embrace of these feelings might seem counter-culture, or maybe even counter intuitive. Especially coming from someone like me who shares that we create, choose, and resonate our own reality from the inside out.

However, these curious explorations are part of the game of life.

I’ve found us to be fantastic creators. Especially when we explore paradoxes, when we get curious about new ways of looking at and experiencing things.

2020 lines up with a massive change. I feel this is a time for us to ground into ourselves, now more than ever.

What that means is to get in touch with and focus on the stability inside of you. The unshakable aspect of you.

The part of you that is rooted in being the the creator being you are, no matter what storms or sunny days may come.

You have that ability and capacity within you Now. No struggle required. Breathe consciously. Make it a practice to breathe in and out with deliberate focus on that breath. That practice moves worlds.

You are someone here who inspires change in this world. Let’s be the world we want to live in most, Now.

Inside >>> out!

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